The Best Air Max Lyrical References In Hip Hop


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Nike Air Max sneaker and raps go back like a Cadillac with the diamond in the back.

During what is universally considered the golden era of hip hop (the 1990s), the Air Max series was the pinnacle running shoe from the Swoosh and featured all of the cutting-edge footwear technology of the time. The popularity of the Nike Air-cushioned sneaker hasn’t subsided even decades after the performance features have become outdated.

These days, top-of-the-line running sneakers have crossed over from being solely seen on tracks and gyms to being acceptable footwear in the office workplace; something previously unacceptable.

Whether used for running a company, alleged drug running, or the actual act of running, the Air Max 95 is the clear fan-favorite.

All that said, take a look at the best Nike Air Max references throughout hip hop.