Origins of Nike Free


Nike Free represents the full circle evolution of nearly 40 years in running footwear innovation.  Inspired by the workouts of the championship track-and-field team at Stanford University, Nike Free technology is designed to mimic barefoot running.  Although many footwear innovations in the past stressed the importance of stability and cushioning, Nike Free capitalizes on the fact that all feet are not alike.

Footwear incorporating Nike Free all feature a lightweight upper nestled on top of a Free sole, an outsole divided into grid-like sections, which is ultimately designed to maximize the foot’s natural movement.  Moreover, the shoe has varying degrees of cushioning – from the bare minimum to the level of cushioning provided by a standard running shoe – in order to strengthen underutilized foot muscles that were previously limited by past models of running shoes.

The Nike Free Run+ 3 is the latest from Nike for runners seeking a shoe that can hold up through every day running. For those seeking even more freedom and flexibility from their Free, the Nike Free Run 4.0 is another reliable option.