New year, new you: Workouts to kick-start your 2021, week 4


And just like that, it’s the final blog in our four-week series. I hope you’ve been able to try a few workouts along the way and felt inspired to turn your living room into a gym. There are many reasons why exercise is good for us and my favorite is because it can literally make us happier – something we could all use more of! 

For our grand finale, I’ve planned a ladder style workout. A ladder is where you’ll usually see a larger number of repetitions of ascending order to reach the top (60-second wall sit) and then make your way back down by performing the 60-second wall sit again, then 50 double jumps and taps, etc. 


10 x plank jack punches

20 x air squats with 3-second pause

30 x push-up side plank reach (15 each side)

40 x reverse crunches

50 x double jump and taps

60 seconds: wall sit

Shake it out, redo the 60-second wall sit again and work your way down the same movements in reverse.

This is the last of our series for January, meaning you now have four at-home, no-equipment workouts at your fingertips. I encourage you to try these a second or third time to compare and contrast how you’ve improved over time. Here’s a look back at our first three weeks’ workouts. 

  • Week 1 – 25 minute time cap, as many rounds as possible of 5 movements
  • Week 2 – 4 rounds of 4 movements, one minute each
  • Week 3 – 15 minute time cap, as many rounds as possible of 5 movements 

Stay connected with me on Instagram as I start training for my 2021 athletic goal – a half Ironman. I promise to continue providing you more workout options and am always down to connect one on one to help you reach your goals!

Sara McInerney Hauck is a corporate social responsibility managerpodcast host and fitness instructor who enjoys writing, public speaking and storytelling through various mediums.