New year, new you: Workouts to kick-start your 2021, week 3


What’s up, week 3!? You’re joining me for the third edition of our series. Check out the workout below and go back and hit week 1 and week 2 if you missed out! 

I’ve been doing these workouts right alongside you week by week. Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to do this one during my lunch break. While I’m a big fan of rising before the sun, I have to say stepping away from my desk, computer and meetings to turn up the jams and get a quick sweat in was 110% worth the midday shower and change.

If the routine of working and working out at home is getting stale, try mixing up the time of day you workout.

For week 3, I’ve got you covered with some fun, new moves. This week, we’re setting the timer for 15 minutes and never looking back until that bell rings! 

15-minute time cap, as many rounds as possible

10 x single jacks, 10 x double jacks

10 x glute bridge

10 x tricep dips

5 x each side plank kick-up

5 x kick-back

Another way to spice up your home workouts? Join a virtual gym!

My personal favorite fitness brand, Life Time, just launched digital memberships that include a 60-day challenge, personal training, on-demand classes and Apple Fitness if you’re an Apple watch user.

DM me on Instagram and let’s chat about your 2021 goals!

Sara McInerney Hauck is a corporate social responsibility managerpodcast host and fitness instructor who enjoys writing, public speaking and storytelling through various mediums.