New year, new you: Workouts to kick-start your 2021, week 1


What’s up fam? I’m Sara McInerney Hauck, manager of corporate social responsibility here at Finish Line and your fitness motivator to kick-off the new year strong (and sweaty).

Throughout January, I’m going to provide you with weekly workouts that are functional and fun.

To kick off this series, I will lead you through a 25-minute full body workout that requires no equipment other than a mat. I’ll trust you to warm up beforehand. 

Let’s get into it. As you can see below, I’ve lined up eight movements plus two burpees in descending repetitions to keep you motivated until the end. I’ve paired similar movements that target the same area of the body so bust through the pairs, then catch your breath for a second before moving on to the next pair.

For example, you’ll hit 10 air squat + single leg heel pops and go right into the 10 squat jumps, then you can catch a breath or two before getting down on your mat to hit the plank and push up set. Screenshot the workout below or click the video for demonstration. 

Tighten your laces, turn up the jams and set that timer for 25 minutes. You got this.

10 x Air squat + single leg heel pop
10 x Squat jumps

8 x Plank shoulder taps each side
8 x Push-ups

6 x Heisman lateral shuffle both directions
6 x Lateral shuffle shot 

4 x V-up sit-up 
4 x Bicycle sit-up each side

2 x Burpees

Hit me up on Instagram to let me know how it went, ask for modifications or to chat all things new year, new you. Let’s cheer each other on! Check back here next week where I’ll introduce you to an EMOM-style workout. 

Sara McInerney Hauck is a corporate social responsibility managerpodcast host and fitness instructor who enjoys writing, public speaking and storytelling through various mediums.