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Dwyane Wade’s Best NBA Seasons

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via USA Today

Just before the start of the 2018-19 NBA Season Dwyane Wade announced that he was retiring at season’s end. He dubbed the season his ‘One Last Dance.’ Wade has enjoyed a Hall of Fame worthy career. The guard from Robbins, Illinois has scaled mountains in the NBA that few have climbed before and few will climb again. A three-time NBA Champion, 12-time All-Star, eight All-NBA selections and his own county, Wade’s resume is as strong as any. Known for his stellar two-way play, Wade’s style on-court was all his own. He played with a certain reckless control that’s proven to be nearly impossible to replicate. With a highlight reel a mile long, Wade has ingratiated himself into the heart of many throughout career. Before he hangs it up, we’re taking a look back at D-Wade’s greatest seasons. Join us has we pay homage to a living legend.