15 Greatest Footwear Commercials of All Time


#9 Converse Aero Jam: Grandmama 1993

When Johnson signed with Converse in 1991 this wasn’t the type of ad they had initially promised the young talent and when they told him of plans to instead put him in a dress as an old lady named ‘Grandmama’, he wasn’t exactly happy. Still, he went a long with it and the dunking granny would go on to become the face of Converse’s latest tech -at the time- ‘React Juice’ and the character, pop icon status.

Young and charismatic, Larry’s unique mixture of stylishness, tough play and playful attitude shined through in every appearance for his role as the dunking grandmother but it was this 1993 commercial specifically for the Aero Jam that stood out among all of them. Aside from it being the commercial for his best looking sig shoe, the story of a little old lady living in a shoe – an Aero Jam house- dunking off walls while sporting a gold tooth and being narrated by LJ made this the only time in the history of footwear commercials where you aspired to wear the shoes of an “old lady”.