15 Greatest Footwear Commercials of All Time


#2 Nike Air Max 1: Revolution 1987

1987 Nike Air ‘Revolution’ TV Advert from The Daily Street on Vimeo.

Air cushioning. It was something that had been advertised by companies like the Weyenberg Shoe Company since the 1950’s & 60’s and Karhu in the 70’s but there was no company where Air cushioning was engrained in its DNA more so than Nike. For years, ‘Air’ was something that was written on the heel of Nike’s shoes and something outlined in advertisements but never seen; that of course was all about to change. Inspired by the Centre Georges Pompidou, design legend Tinker Hatfield cut a hole in the midsole of their latest shoe the Air Max 1 to “display” the technology they had boasted of for years and a revolution in the footwear industry was officially underway. To spread the word to the masses Nike enlisted the help of Weiden + Kennedy whom added the Beatles 1968 song ‘Revolution’ as the soundtrack to inspirational visuals with some guest appearances from shoes like the Trainer 1 and Air Ace ¾ the true star of “the show” was the Air Max 1. It was the big bang moment for Nike’s success in the years to come and a commercial that will be revered for eternity.