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Keep your shine on with this next Reebok release for the ladies. Rocking gold and rose gold makeup the Club C Zip and Classic Leather are keeping the same style, but with some shimmer. As a minimal silhouette on both designs, it’s the perfect pop of color for any street style. Ripped jeans, leggings, dresses, shorts or sweats, these kicks are the perfect addition to any and all athleisure and can dress up your sport-luxe looks as well.

The Reebok Club C Zip and Classic Leather Metallic coming soon to finishline.com. 

Lightweight sneakers with substantial amounts of cushioning have been all the rage as of late amongst footwear enthusiast, and Reebok has you covered. The newest style from Reebok, the Floatride, features a one-piece Ultraknit upper offering wearers support, breathability, and flexibility. If you’re prone to blisters while wearing low-cut models, the floatride has you covered there too. This model features a 3D heel cradle to limit irritation and allows you to float through your day.

The Floatride Pressure Set Foam provides its wearers with optimal cushioning and a responsive feel, while the Floatrim keeps your foot centered and stabilized. This model is perfect for anyone who wants to remain active, but still wants to express their personal style while walking across city streets. If you plan on turning heads this summer, pair the float ride with a pair of shorts, joggers, or raw denim. Be on the lookout for this model to become available August 1st in black and white.

Be sure to head into your local Finish Line, or check FinishLine.com to add the Reebok Floatride to your rotation.

FW17_GigiReebok Club C Zip 01

With an ongoing relationship with Reebok, Gigi Hadid is once again front and center in the latest Reebok Club C Zip. A minimal design that will pair nicely with all kinds of style on any given day. The supermodel is rocking the look with the Reebok Harem Pant and Gigi Bra. Comfy, sporty, but if put together right, pieces that can be worn out on the town as well. 

Gigi Reebok Club C Zip Laydown_01

Coming in shades like Shell Pink, Sandstone and Black, the Reebok Club C Zip sneakers will pair with your minimal, athleisure looks all summer long. 

FW17_Gigi_Women_s_Knee_Down_Reebok Club C Zip 02

Grab the Reebok Club C Zip worn by Gigi Hadid, Saturday 7/1 at finishline.com. 

Reebok Zoku Runner line-up

Via Reebok

Having a shoe made of lightweight and breathable materials are always on the checklist for anyone looking for the perfect pair of summer kicks, and our friends at Reebok are offering just that. The Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit is the shoe that helped Reebok break into the knit footwear scene, and a few new colorways will be available this summer. The shoe will be offered in black, solar pink, navy, and solar yellow; and features a one piece knit upper, a low-cut design, a DMX Foam midsole, and a high abrasion rubber outsole that offers its wearers maximum traction.

Be on the lookout, these pairs become available Saturday, June 30th.

Make sure you head into your local Finish Line, or checkout Finishline.com to add a pair of Reebok Zoku Runners to your summer rotation.

zoku runner

zoku runner

As the warmer months approach, it’s time to switch up the rotation and add some more 🔥. There’s something about gum soles that are just doper than most soles. The clean appeal of the translucent brown soles provide a softer feel while also offering some more traction. Gum bottom kicks have always been a hit during the summer so here’s how some of our influencers are rockin’ Reebok gum bottoms.

Reebok Classic Zoku Runner Ultraknit

zoku runner

zoku runner

zoku runner

Reebok Classic Leather

classic leather


classic leather

classic leather

Get right for summer. Grab a pair of the Zoku Runner or the Classic Leather at FinishLine.com.

Originally released in 1983, the Reebok Classic Leather was a design that blurred the lines of fashion and performance. The model was introduced to the public as a running shoe, but because of the simple design, embraced as casual footwear. 34 years later, and that still holds true. Not only did this model keep its retro good looks, but you can find an assortment of colorways making it an easy, go-to sneaker all year round. Aside from the comfort, classic silhouette and ultra-soft leather, the style pairs perfectly with your casual wardrobe, or your sportier outfits. 

Reebok Classic Leather Mint

Reebok Classic Leather Pink

Photos: @wolfecut

The Reebok Classic Leather has taken on a variety of looks over the years. Evolving with new fashion and trends, but always keeping it’s fresh, minimal appeal. Making these sneakers timeless are the different details that come with them, such as gum bottoms or pastel colorways. No matter the occasion, these sneakers should be in everyone’s rotation, because how can you go wrong with a classic? 

Have some Reebok Classic Leather style you want to share? Tag @finishline or @finishlinewomen with hashtag #ClassicLeather and get the chance to be featured on our channels. For more Reebok Classic Leather looks check out the selection at finishline.com. 

Kendrick Lamar x Reebok Classic

Reebok and Kendrick Lamar are back at it again with another sneaker that is perfect for the season and your rotation. By now you’ve heard about Kendrick’s partnership with Reebok and the message that he preaches with his sneakers but if you haven’t then let us fill you in. Kendrick has used all of his Reebok “Red and Blue” Capsule Collection releases to promote growth and unity throughout his hometown of Compton. By putting “Red” on one sneaker and “Blue” on the other to display an effort to stop gang violence and bring awareness to the devastating effects that it has on communities and on the bigger scale across the country.

Kendrick Lamar Reebok

This will be Lamar’s third sneaker that he has dropped with Reebok Classics but it doesn’t have the same color scheme as all the others. You may remember that his previous releases have consisted of a light tan color covering the upper, but on this release Lamar took his symbolism a step farther and changed the upper to be a green leather. The reason for the green upper is because in Compton, there is a saying that “mixing red and blue makes green.” Most people think of green in a monetary aspect, but this shoe is meant to represent a new meaning of green which is community growth.

Kendrick Lamar x Reebok

You can grab your pair of the Reebok Classic Lux X Kendrick Lamar on November 25th at Finishline.com.

If you have been following our Iverson 20 Years, 20 Questions series than you know Bubbachuck was one of the most controversial players in league history. Sometimes keeping it real can create chaos, but at the end of the day AI’s biggest supporters loved him for it…for the quotables with the media, taking tough shots when his team needed it most, and staying true to his roots. Unfortunately commissioner David Stern wasn’t always as big of a fan of Iverson’s off court authenticity. Many people felt he targeted Allen personally for wearing his wave caps and XXXL throwbacks in arena tunnels and post-game podiums.


To pay homage to Allen’s off court style, Reebok is releasing a ‘Dress Code’ design featuring beige suede and blue denim which represents the banning of Timbs and denim that AI was famous for wearing to and after games.

You can pick up your pair of the Reebok ‘Dress Code’ Questions on November 4th at FinishLine.com.

Gymnastics, a sport that always has you reaching for perfection. Perfect form, a perfect routine and the perfect score. Aly Raisman is definitely more than those things. Off the podium and on the streets, the 22 year old is comfortable in her own skin and knows everything has happened in her life for a reason.

aly raisman blog 1

“If you’re mentally tough, I  really think you can handle anything.”

Aly Raisman Blog 4

She didn’t have the average childhood, but Aly knows the opportunities she’s been given from gymnastics has made her the strong, independent woman she is today. Having the chance to be one of the best gymnasts in the world, her feelings of being left out with normal teenage experiences went away.

“It doesn’t matter what people think. As long as you’re happy, you’re confident, you feel good and you’re a good person, then that’s all that matters.”

Aly raisman blog 3

Outside of the gym, Aly is way more relaxed, and her go-to jeans and sneaker style reflects that. Her mentality is just as strong when she’s not working out or competing. She is a positive influence for girls all over the world and understands that if you are confident in what you’re doing in life and believe in yourself, nothing should stand in your way.