Reebok Question Low “Blue Toe”


When you think of Allen Iverson, you think of his flashy moves to the hoop, controversial press conferences and, stepping over Tyronn Lue after crossing him up in the 2001 NBA Finals. Iverson didn’t care who you were or how great you thought your game was. He wanted to make sure that you knew if you ever tried him, you were going to get dealt with. That’s what made Iverson great, and still to this day he remains one of the most iconic players in NBA history, and his kicks continue to be just as popular.

Every classic high top needs a low-top counter part and Reebok recognized that. So far this year, Reebok has brought us classic heat that we love. Earlier this summer Reebok dropped the OG white and red, and black and white colorways on the Question Low, which were a hit. Now we get a blue and white version that could be one of the cleanest sneakers this season. The sneaker is covered in white tumbled leather and features royal blue nubuck on the toe and heel. It gets even better with the icy translucent outsole that compliments the color scheme perfectly. If you’re a fan of A.I then you know your collection isn’t complete without these. Make sure you grab the Reebok Question Low “Blue Toe” on September 12th at