Boost Your Morning on National Cereal Day


I miss the old days. Bottomless bowls of cereal on the weekends. No worries and not a care in the world. Remember those days? The simple days.

Nowadays, weekends are too short. I’ve been trying to pitch 4 day weeks and 3 day weekends permanently. Much more of an even split to the current 5:2 ratio. Sunday scaries are the real deal so with this Sunday being National Cereal Day, I just wanna kick back and bingewatch some Hey Arnold on the couch. Anyone know if As Told by Ginger is bingeable on any streaming network? Asking for myself. Don’t worry, will keep myself occupied with The OC on HBO Max for now and if you didn’t know, Coming to America 2 dropped on Amazon Prime on Friday. Regardless of what you’re about to watch, sit back, relax, and pour yourself a bowl of nostalgia on this fine Sunday morning.

In attempts to boost our National Cereal Day experience, we linked up with our friend, @exclsv.dreams for some unique artwork to help evoke those nostalgic vibes.

Happy National Cereal Day, friends. Pour it up, pour it up. Enjoy that box of cereal, guilt-free and as always, keep it locked on @FinishLine and @FinishLineWomen for the best of the best.