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Louder Than Words: Our Continued Support


On June 3rd we took a stand against racial injustice and published our initial statement in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the Black community. Every day since we’ve worked to ensure our actions speak louder than our words. While much more is to come, our monetary donation and Community Voices are our first steps in us becoming a stronger ally.

Community Voices

The next step in our commitment/responsibility to being a better ally. We will be highlighting and amplifying black voices within our community. Each week we’ll be hosting an IG Live with a guest who will help us dive into important topics about the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Episode One: Discussing Juneteenth w/ Terrence J

Episode Two: Discussing Allyship w/ Evelynn Escobar-Thomas

Episode Three: Discussing the Evolution of Black Music in America w/ Lenny Santiago

Episode Four: Discussing the Importance of Mentorship in the Black Community w/ Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke

Episode Five: Discussing the Plight of Inner City Youth w/ Lala Anthony

Episode 6: Discussing the challenges the Black community faces in Washington, D.C. with John Wall

Episode 7: Discussing the #BlackLivesMatter movement and Indigenous Australian basketball with Patty Mills

Episode 9: Discussing the importance of supporting Black-owned business with Moe Harkless.

Episode 10: Discussing the impact that the NBA has on social justice issues and the importance of Black mentorship with Tobias Harris.

Episode 11: Discussing the NBA’s efforts in amplifying the importance of #BLM and the role that education plays in moving towards change with Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Stanley Johnson.

Episode 13: Knicks forward Julius Randle discusses the importance of education opportunities in low-income communities

Episode 14: Pacers guard Malcolm Brogdon links up to discuss his family’s history of supporting social justice

Episode 15: Retired Yankees great CC Sabathia discusses sports and educational opportunities in low income areas

Episode 16: Jalen Rose comes through to discuss the importance of voting

Episode 17: Becky G speaks on the importance of voting in the Latinx community

Episode 18: Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade speak on the importance of voting

Episode 19: Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade speak on the importance of giving back to the community

Episode 20: Sloane Stephens discusses the ways her foundation empowers kids around the world

Episode 21: JD Finish Line team members discuss what they’re doing to help counter social injustice in their community

Episode 22: Stephen A. Smith comes through to discuss the importance of HBCUs

Episode 23: Aaron Donald discusses the impact that education, sports, and nutrition have on youth

Episode 24: Todd Gurley discusses the importance of empowering and educating youth

Episode 25: Samantha Smith discusses the importance of supporting Black-owned business and mental health

Episode 26: Seth Curry and Callie Rivers discuss why impacting the community is so important for them

Episode 27: DaniLeigh comes through to discuss the importance of supporting families of abuse

Episode 28: DJ Khaled comes through to discuss his @WeTheBestFoundation and the work they do to help children

Episode 29: Dr. Calinda M. Lee, Head of Programs and Exhibitions at The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, speaks to some of Dr. King’s powerful work, his mission & legacy.

Episode 30: Charlamagne Tha God came through to discuss what MLK Day means to him.

Episode 31: Tierra Whack discusses the importance of Arts & Music programs in the inner city, and the impact these have on local communities

Episode 32: #FNLFam member Chibunna Belonwu joins us to speak about mental health in the Black and Brown community

Episode 33: #FNLFam member Rebekah Antwan joins us to discuss the importance of social justice

Episode 34: #FNLFam member Greg Newsome joins us to discuss the importance of advocating for children in sport

Episode 35: #FNLFam member Kasey Jackson discusses a program that provides youth with mentorship and leadership development

Episode 36: #FNLFam member Jihad Metts speaks to the importance of using music as an outlet for positive thinking and empowerment

Episode 37: Jimmy Butler discusses how he finds time to give back and be present within his community

Episode 38: Rexx Life Raj discusses the work he’s doing to empower youth in his community

Episode 39: Michael Rainey Jr. discusses his philanthropic work in Jamaica

Episode 40: Jordyn and Jodie Woods discuss the importance of Women’s History Month

Episode 41: International Women’s Day special

Episode 42: Candace Parker discusses the importance of investing in women’s sports, how fans can continue to support, and discusses her passion for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Episode 43: Meena Harris discusses the importance of empowering future generations (presented by PUMA)

Episode 44: Rocky Rivera speaks to the rise in racial injustice against the AAPI community, the importance of representation in the music industry

Episode 45: Leonard Fournette discusses his ties to helping in New Orleans, and the work he’s done with the Boys & Girls’ Clubs of America.

Episode 46: Nicole Russell discusses the importance of helping children in foster care and experiencing homelessness and where she gathers her inspiration

Episode 47: Kelly Rowland discusses mental health and how critical organizations like them can provide healing in Black communities

Episode 48: Rev. Stephen A. Green discusses the guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin

Episode 49: Dr. Jessica Clemons discusses the importance of mental health and its historical impact on Black & Brown communities

Episode 50: Jarren Small discusses the importance of equipping disadvantaged youth through workshop programs and community engagement

Episode 51: Alvin Irby discusses the importance of inspiring children’s motivation to read

Episode 52: Noodles speaks to the importance of celebrating your heritage, and the power behind speaking up in moments of injustice

Episode 53: Bimma Williams discusses the Black experience within the corporate world and how to navigate career opportunities

Episode 54: Sue Bird discusses the challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ athletes in pro sports

Episode 55: Big Freedia discusses what it means to be an LGBTQ member of the Black community

Episode 56: Terrence J commemorates the anniversary of Community Voices by looking back at the past year

Episode 57: June Ambrose discusses how she has been able to become a success as a Black woman

Episode 58: Adrian Carter and David Rasool Robinson discuss the impact of their Doing Better Foundation

Episode 59: Justise Winslow discusses systemic racism and the work his Robin’s House foundation is doing

Episode 60: Karl-Anthony Towns discusses racial injustice

Episode 61: Jonny Goood discusses the dichotomy between police in America and Black communities

Episode 62: Andrew Wiggins discusses the impact of racial injustice on youth

Episode 64: Da’Marrion Fleming discusses the importance of offering opportunities to children

Episode 65: Jowan Smith & Julian Huff discuss inner-city education and how mentorship can provide youth with life skills and opportunities. 

Episode 66: Larry Nance Jr. discusses discuss the Urban League Of Greater Cleveland, and the great work they’re doing to provide education, workforce, and small business resources to underserved populations in Cleveland. 

Episode 67: Swizz Beatz chops it up about the importance of Black art within the art world, and its growing presence in museums. 

Episode 68: Garrett Temple & Kara McCullough Temple talk about the Science Exploration for kids, STEAM (STEM + ART) program.

Episode 69: Yanina Oyarzo joins us in an episode in Spanish to talk about what Latinx Heritage Month means to her, how Latina women are represented across pop culture today, and an org that holds a special place in her heart, Do Something.

Episode 70: Daniela Sanguineti discusses Latinx representation in fashion, while sharing how being Latinx has affected her as a content creator.      

Episode 71: Fat Joe pulls through to talk about what it means to be Latinx in the US, the differences and similarities between Latin American cultures, and shows off his famous story-telling skills.

Episode 72: Jon Z joins us to both honor Latinx Heritage Month and discuss how the surge in popularity for reggaeton and latin trap have helped drive Latinx culture worldwide, while taking a dive into social justice issues currently affecting Puerto Rico. 

Episode 73: Guaynaa chops it up with us about Latinx Heritage Month, who has inspired his musical career, some difficulties faced by Latin American communities this year, and we reveal a donation to @fundacion.caf for $20,000.           

Episode 74: comedic legend Marlon Wayans comes through to talk with us about how his upbringing in NYC has shaped him, and the amazing work that @hudson_guild is doing for the community. 

Episode 75: Roman Williams-Ervin, Community Resource Officer of @indypublicsafetyfdn joins us to discuss the importance of accountability, how the unit is driving communication with the community, and how this is key in bringing change to policing practices.        

Episode 76: James Smith-Williams talks with us about domestic violence in athletics and the amazing work that the “Set the Expectation” organization (@settheexpectation) is doing for the community to combat sexual and interpersonal violence. 

Episode 77: Tara Houska, Founder of the Giniw Collective (@giniwcollective) discusses the importance of Native American Heritage Day, the issues affecting the community, and the amazing work UNKITAWA is doing to support Indigenous communities through ceremony, art, and culture.

Episode 78: Malik & Cece Reed discuss multicultural competency, growing up in the South and domestic abuse, while sharing the amazing work that the SafeHouse Denver is doing for the community to provide care for those who are experiencing domestic abuse.

Episode 79: Tae Davis joins us to discuss the positive impacts of the Y-CAP Program on both the community and its youth, while further sharing the inspiring mission of the YMCA’s Y-CAP program.

Episode 80: Mylan Murphy chats about how his college basketball experience has shaped him. Also how his mom influenced his career and the importance for Breast Cancer screening awareness in minority communities.

Episode 81: Matt James comes through to discuss his development & passion for @abcfoodtours, as well as his outlook for 2022.

Episode 82: Breland joins us to chat about his musical upbringing, time in the ATL song-writing, and his work to cross genres with Country and Hip-Hop. He’s a representative of the ‘Caring Heart Ministries’ org, and he also chats with us about their work in helping vulnerable youth find resources, food, and community to help foster creative growth.

Episode 83: Tanaye White joins us to discuss her upbringing, and how a casting opportunity changed everything for her. She details her own mental health struggles, and how the work by @afspnational is so important and personal to her.

Episode 84: Malcolm Brogdon joins us once again in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and we discuss Dr. King and his historical significance. He also chats with us about the work he’s doing through his organization, and his mission to use his voice and influence for good.

Episode 85: Bobby Portis chops it up with us us about the @bobbyportisfoundation, which he started in 2019 to help support single mother families, and how this all ties together with his amazing career.

Episode 86: we’re thrilled to welcome Jon Gray (@ghettogray), who joins us to chat about his initiative, The Ghetto Gastro Collective. He chats with us about the work they’re doing to provide communities with nutritious food options, and the importance of access to good/healthy food. Jon also discusses a local organization, @gambianyouthorganization, and the work they’re doing in the Bronx.

Episode 87: we welcome @sarahgklein, attorney, advocate for victims of sexual abuse, and former competitive gymnast. Sarah is a sexual abuse survivor, and joins us to tell us about her journey, her work advocating for victims of abuse and how that’s extended through to the hit Netflix show, Cheer, and to discuss the amazing work @alongwalkhome is doing in empowering young people to end sexual and physical violence. **WARNING: this episode discusses sexual abuse.**

Episode 88: we’re joined by Thulani Ngazimbi, Founder of @TheRadBlackKids. Thulani comes through to chat with us about his journey in the US as the son of immigrant parents, how snowboarding and surfing came into his life, and how he developed his clothing brand, The Rad Black Kids. He also talks about @black_surfing_rockaway, and the work they’re doing locally in New York to empower youth by providing free surfing and skating lessons.

Episode 89: we welcome Christian Crosby, Founder of @LiveLifeNice. He comes through to tell us what Black History Month means to him, his biggest motivators and heroes, and what life’s like as a small business owner to his inspirational brand, @LiveLifeNice, which launched at Finish Line on Tuesday, Feb 22.

Episode 90: we’re joined by Scottie Barnes (@ya.boy.scottie) of the @Raptors ahead of his appearance on the Rising Stars Skills Challenge, who tells us about the work @nightrydaselite is doing for young athletes. Scottie also chats with us about the importance of #BlackHistoryMonth, as well as his journey to All-Star Weekend.

Episode 91: we’re hyped to welcome Josh Okogie (@callme_nonstop), Guard for the @Timberwolves, who comes through to speak about the important mission behind @untilfreedom, and the work they do nationally and locally. Josh also speaks to the importance of #BlackHistoryMonth, as well as what All-Star Weekend means to him.

Episode 92: we’re excited to welcome Akinwale Akinbiyi & Thomas Davis, Co-Founders of @Riveriswild. They’ll join us to discuss the importance behind #BlackHistoryMonth, their journey in building their incredible brand @Riveriswild (now available at Finish Line), and the great work that @stemtothefuture is doing to inspire and motivate Black and Latinx youth.

Episode 93: we welcome a very special guest: @realwesleysnipes joins us to chat about how his time in art school influenced his career, how a missed opportunity in Beat Street motivated him to start doing commercials, broadway & daytime tv work. He also tells us about the significance of dance & martial arts, and how he believes being multi disciplined can ground you in all things.

Episode 94: we’re excited to welcome @jennifermika_ in honor of International Women’s Day. Jennifer comes through to chat with us about what #IWD means to her, as well as the importance of prioritizing mental health. She’ll also tell us about the @asianmentalhealthcollective, and the amazing work they’re doing to de-stigmatize mental health within the Asian community.

Our Commitment to Act

When we published our initial statement we made an obligation to act. This is our first short term action against that obligation. Our company as well as our Youth Foundation will donate an initial $1.5 million to amplify local and national organizations that make a difference in Black communities as well as programs and initiatives to create a more diverse workforce and progress the careers and education of many of our employees. We are still finalizing the details, however these funds will help us evolve in the right ways.

To date, we have donated to the following organizations supported by our guests, among many others:

#FNLFam Stands Against Racial Injustice

This isn’t just about the words. This is our obligation to act. Our commitment to support our customers, employees and the communities we live in. Together, we are forming our plan for action and invite you to be a vital part of it. Fill out this form and help us take action.