Finish Line Youth Foundation

Join the Finish Line Youth Foundation in support of Special Olympics champions this holiday season


This month, the Finish Line Youth Foundation kicks off its ninth annual in-store and online campaign benefiting Special Olympics.

Through our program, Fit Forward, we provide Special Olympics athletes with thousands of pairs of properly fitted sneakers.

In order to receive the sneakers, athletes complete vision, dental and other health checks.

The donations raised this holiday season provide free health screenings, coaches, mentors, and implementation of Unified Champion schools.

Donate In-Store

Donate Online

There are several methods you can use to donate online.

Each year, hundreds of Finish Line volunteers support Special Olympics athletes with high fives, endless cheering and new sneakers.  

“Volunteering for Special Olympics is medicine for my soul,” said Finish Line regional visual manager Brittany Winters.

“Watching the faces of more than 300 athletes get a new pair of sneakers was priceless. Thank you to the Finish Line Youth Foundation for making this possible!”

Help us spread unstoppable joy this season by donating at Finish Line in-store or online!