Community Voices

Community Voices: Malcolm Brogdon Continues the Convo Around the Importance of Education


As a part of our commitment and responsibilities as an ally, we intend to highlight and amplify black voices within our community. Each week we will be introducing you to a new guest who will be diving into important topics about the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

On this week’s episode, we connect with Indiana Pacers guard, Malcolm Brogdon to discuss the importance of education in low income areas.

— Protesting social injustice is something that is in your blood. Tell us about how your grandfather protested with MLK, and how that experience helped form your approach to what is going on in our society.

— How were you able to balance the needs of the struggling communities while returning to NBA action in Orlando?

— You also have launched the Brogdon Family Foundation. How did that come about and what are your goals with the foundation?

— Malcolm discusses the charities he has chosen to support

— Finish Line presents donation to Malcolm’s chosen charities

… and more