Nike PG4

Head in the Game. Feet in the Clouds: Nike PG4

Nike PG 4 Black White Smoke Grey CD5079-001

Since the inception of Paul George’s Nike PG signature line his kicks have been a staple of the hardwood. Players in the NBA, WNBA and on the playgrounds have all taken to the many flavors from his collection. Recognizing as much, when providing feedback for his upcoming PG4, George put a premium on playability and functionality.

Nike PG4 Design infographic

When on the court, George moves like a gazelle. He’s as efficient as they come, every step, stride and motion serves a purpose. “For Paul, control is his form of quickness,” says Tony Hardman, designer of the Nike PG4. “It’s why he looks so smooth when he moves on the court. He refines his footwork to only what’s essential.” Helping George maintain that control is the PG4’s Air Strobel, a lightweight footbed made up of a full-length Nike Air unit. Which was sewn to the upper, placing your foot directly atop the cushioning. Allowing for an unparalleled blend of stability and responsiveness.

Nike PG4 outsole traction

Not just functional, the Nike PG4 has a beautiful aesthetic as well. At first glance you’ll notice the mesh shroud that zips over the laces, first seen on the Air Flight ‘98. The shroud is multi-faceted, it provides a snug fit, but also provides a level of “stylistic flexibility.” As wearers can choose whether to wear laces inside or outside of the shroud. George for instance likes to play with his laces over the shroud.

Nike PG4 Black White release date Jan 24 2020

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