adidas In Pursuit of with Kali Uchis


Colombian-American singer and songwriter, Kali Uchis is opening up about her past and the road she embarked on to get to her current status with music and lifeThrough the lens of our adidas series, In Pursuit of, Kali shared insight on how she has a full understanding of what she wants. Although she considers herself an introvert, Kali loves to make her music and stay in a world she knows well or how she would say “I mind my own business”. Never doing things for others or their validation, Kali has truly created her own sound and vibe. She was always taught that to take care of others, herself and her soul was a lot more important than fame, and you can hear that lesson in her voice whether it’s in conversation or when she’s singing.

As an artist, Kali truly believes things manifest and come to life when you write them on paper. From a young age, she knew she wanted to grow up and be creative, so today she is making music for herself and not the mainstream hype that some artist’s aim for. Kali’s learned that at times, she needs to be her own best friend. Through all the ups and downs of the music industry, she knows who she is and how to be there for herself. As much as she likes money, nothing triumphs over her love for the art and the energy she feels from a crowd. Kali’s goal was never to be famous. She just knew music was her purpose.

While we got to know Kali, she was getting ready to perform on the Selena for Sanctuary stage in Central Park. An outdoor concert, Selena-themed in support of immigration rights and activist Doris Muños. Doris’ concerts help raise funds for immigrants to navigate immigration policies and set them on a path to citizenship. This show was very important to Kali because she felt the performance brought a big sense of awareness and solidarity of healing. She felt it was a moment to recognize community and a place where everyone could come together and support a cause close to her heart.

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