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#FinishTheLook Vol. 1-4: Customize Your Winter to Spring Style With The adidas Sleek


Blossom is making life easy this spring and showing us how to transform our wardrobe for the upcoming season. Featuring the exclusive women’s sneaker, the adidas Sleek, these winter to spring looks are easy, cute and ready to walk the streets. Check out the below videos and follow @finishlinewomen to learn more about how you can #FinishTheLook.

This first style features an oversized adidas Originals Trefoil T-Shirt. Blossom did what they do best by creating an adorable strapless dress with pockets. How easy, right!? As a final touch, they wrapped a jean jacket around the waist and the white adidas Sleek brought everything together.

All eyes on this adidas Originals Tulle Skirt! Front and center and keeping it cool. A great look for spring that you can easily wear to many occasions. It’s no surprise that the Sleek also matches this outfit effortlessly. You could even pair this with your favorite cropped t-shirt or tank.

Taking the adidas Originals Trefoil 3-Stripes Leggings and turning it into a long sleeve crop has us all giddy inside. This style is everything, especially with the adidas Originals Waist Pack. The look is versatile and minimal with the adidas Sleek and can pair with your favorite denim bottom or a  cozy drawstring pant.

Last, but certainly not least, this oversized adidas Allover Print Hoodie  is an easy way to have a matching set in your closet this spring. By customizing the hoodie into a crop silhouette and making the bottom half a skirt by applying some nifty maneuvers, you get a trendy sneaker style that keeps you on #teamcozy.

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