Boo-Yah! The Legacy of Stuart Scott

Bristol, CT - February 20, 2014 - Studio F: Stuart Scott on the set of SportsCenter (Photo by Rich Arden / ESPN Images)

via @ESPN

The legacy of Stuart Scott can never be diminished. Throughout his tenure at ESPN he pushed the envelope for a typical sports broadcaster. He brought a hip-hop swag and flair to the table, tying in cultural icons and music artists into the conversation. Scott made the show fun. He expressed his own opinions and made jokes which allowed his commentary to be much more personable. He began small, working nights at ESPN 2, but then got his shot on the main ESPN channel and never looked back. He was the number one option for hosting big events such as Monday Night Football and the NBA Finals.

With his signature catch phrases along with his glowing charisma and persona, he always was “as cool as the other side of the pillow.” Here are our favorite moments of the late and great, Stuart Scott. Boo-Yah!