Kaitlyn Schlicht

My First Reebok Pump – Andre Rices’s Blacktop Battleground


You never forget your first Reebok Pump. There’s something about their bold design, Pump button, and how the technology works to tighten/loosen the feel of them that just sits with you, forever. Finish Line had the chance to ask 16 Reebok Pump enthusiasts to share their story. The result is a compilation of memories, opinions, and revelations the shoe has manifested with wearers of all kinds. Finish Line presents, My First Reebok Pump

Andre Rices (@DreStateofMind)

El Cajon, CA

Reebok Blacktop Battleground

My first Reebok Pump was the Battleground. I remember in the ’90s seeing Reebok Pump commercials all over my TV. If I did good in school, my mom would buy me a pair of kicks, so I picked the Battlegrounds. As a kid using the Reebok Pump technology, I just wanted to be able to jump higher than I already could. 

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