Kaitlyn Schlicht

My First Reebok Pump – Charles Cordero’s Pump Omni Lite


You never forget your first Reebok Pump. There’s something about their bold design, Pump button, and how the technology works to tighten/loosen the feel of them that just sits with you, forever. Finish Line had the chance to ask 16 Reebok Pump enthusiasts to share their story. The result is a compilation of memories, opinions, and revelations the shoe has manifested with wearers of all kinds. Finish Line presents, My First Reebok Pump

Charles Cordero (@WerkynProgres)

Tampa, FL

Reebok Pump Omni Lite - Charles Cordero

“It’s Late May 2014, and my 23rd birthday is right around the corner. All I can think of is what kind of sneakers I’m gonna wear. For a couple weeks I was watching a pair of Pump Omni Lites, and I felt now was the right time to cop my first official pumps. This took me back to 2003 when I was a seventh grader and I owned a pair of Omni Lites handed down to me by an older cousin. Enter the beginning of my Reebok obsession. The Pump is sneaker creativity and innovation at its finest. As a nod to my middle school days, here’s the pair that started my second round of Pump collecting. No more hand me downs!”

Check back tomorrow as My First Reebok Pump continues. In the meantime, head over to FinishLine.com to check out more Reebok Pumps.