Marco Henry Negrete

The Definition of Timeless: Nike Air Force 1 “White on Whites”


Talk about a shoe that needs no introduction. In fact, this shoe doesn’t even need a blog piece written about it. We could just make a post with one photo of the shoe, and it would be better than anything we could write.

There aren’t many shoes, if any, that are more recognizable or respected than some Nike Air Force 1’s “White on Whites”. It is a historical fact that nobody in the world has ever went wrong with a pair of white on white Nike Air Force 1’s (unless someone steps on them).

Born in 1982 and designed to be hooped in, the AF1 is now worn for much more than basketball. Actually, I don’t know too many folks that actually hoop in them anymore since Rasheed Wallace retired.

This shoe evolved from a basketball shoe to a style icon that blends perfectly with casual, sportswear, streetwear, and even high fashion. This is also one of the few pair of shoes that people continually buy more pairs of. You wear one for a few years and try your hardest to keep them clean, but eventually you need another fresh pair.

The fact that people have been re-upping on these for over 30 years now shows just how timeless they are.

If you’re someone who never got around to getting a pair or have been living under a rock for the last 32 years, then I can’t think of a better starter pair for you than these classic mid white on whites.

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