What Is Nike Dri-FIT and What Is The Technology Made Of?


Nike Dri-FIT was created to maximize training and performance through a breathable & innovative sports apparel. The technical fabric was an instant success and has sustained its legacy decades later as one of the more prominent types of clothing for athletes and active lifestyles. In fact, Nike Dri-FIT is so popular that professional sports teams’ uniforms like those in the NBA and WNBA are often made from Nike Dri-FIT, as well as those made for Olympic athletes.

What Is Nike Dri-FIT Technology?

Nike Dri-FIT is an innovative polyester microfiber designed with sweat-wicking technology that keeps you cool and dry. Dri-FIT Technology is constructed with a unique wicking system that dispels sweat away from your body and onto the fabric to allow sweat & moisture to evaporate quicker. Nike designed Dri-FIT to be lightweight, breathable and to stretch & move with your body, so you can compete and train longer without your clothing slowing you down. 

Find out how Nike Dri-FIT works, when it’s most effective, and how to wash it.

How Does Nike Dri-FIT Work? 

Dri-FIT is thin, yet features a high-performance construction that allows moisture and air to circulate around the body. (FIT stands for Functional Innovative Technology.) Previously, cotton was the primary fabric used to make athletic clothes, which often clung to the athlete’s body and affected performance by slowing athletes down. Nike Dri-FIT actually wicks away sweat from the body and onto the fabric where it can evaporate, leaving skin cooler and drier.

The Dri-FIT material features a Body-Mapping construction that includes mesh ventilation where you sweat the most – allowing heat and sweat to escape resulting in a more comfortable experience. If you’ve ever seen athletes wearing long sleeves in the summertime, it’s because the fabric can actually help athletes stay cooler. (Plus, Nike has also created the Dri-FIT UV line that provides UPF protection from the sun’s UV rays)

When Can You Wear It?

Nike Dri-FIT can be worn in any climate, but it works best as a single layer or a base layer under other layers. The closer to the body, the better Dri-FIT works to wick away sweat or retain heat. Nike Dri-FIT clothing can be worn throughout the year in a variety of circumstances and weather conditions, including snow, rain, ice and heat, depending on which type of fabric your clothing is made from. Other fabric types include Clima-FIT, Storm-FIT, Therma-FIT and Dri-FIT UV:

What Kinds Of Clothing Are Made Using Dri-FIT Technology? 

Dri-FIT is available in a vast assortment of Nike sports apparel and accessories for athletic training and streetwear. 


Dri-FIT clothing comes in a variety of styles for men, women and children, such as hoodiesbasketball shorts and sports bras.


The technology is transferable outside of just clothing: even socks, sweatbands and gloves can be made using Dri-FIT technology. A new underwear line with Dri-FIT was even introduced recently. 


Even casual streetwear options can be made from Dri-FIT fabrics. Streetwear clothes made from Dri-FIT can be highly effective if you live in a hot climate, regardless of your activity level. For example, hats with Dri-FIT are a good option for sweat absorption. And given Dri-FIT’s ability to keep you cool in any situation, you could even rock a sweatshirt with Dri-FIT in the middle of summer. 

How Do You Care For Nike Dri-FIT Clothes? 

According to Nike, Dri-FIT pieces are best preserved if you machine wash them on a cold cycle inside out. Don’t wring out any excess water. Air drying is preferable, but if you need to use the dryer, tumble dry them on low, as high heat can not only contribute to static cling but could potentially lead to the disintegration of the fabric. Dri-FIT clothing won’t shrink, nor will it wrinkle — all thanks to the innovative technology incorporated into the fabric. If taken care of properly, Dri-FIT will last the life of the clothing. 

Nike Dri-FIT: A Fabric For Active Lifestyles

Dri-FIT is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to stay cool and dry in a variety of situations. Whether an NFL football player or just a running enthusiast who hits the pavement near your home, Nike Dri-FIT technology fabrics can help you go harder, longer and faster in comfort.