The History of All Steph Curry Shoes


It took Stephen Curry some time to release a signature sneaker, with the first pair hitting stores almost half a decade into his NBA career. Early in his career, Curry suffered multiple ankle injuries and was one of the more underrated players — before he became arguably the best shooter in the league while playing for the Golden State Warriors. 

Although Steph Curry started his career wearing the Nike brand back in 2009, he later shifted to Under Armour. It was two years after becoming a brand ambassador for them that he signed his signature shoe line. We have that partnership to thank for the first UA Curry 1 through the latest Steph Curry shoe from his signature Curry Brand line of sneakers. 

Here’s a quick history of all of Stephen Curry’s signature shoe looks from 2015 to the newest pair he plays in now.

UA Curry 1

Curry’s debut sneaker gained fame when Jamie Foxx promoted it in a pretty epic ad. He also wore the shoe as he was heading towards his first NBA championship back in 2015. 

These shoes feature Charged Cushioning® made from a foam upper and a multidirectional herringbone-style outsole. Beyond the awesome appearance of the shoe, it is also incredibly practical for the pro baller. The mid-cut iteration of the shoe provided Curry with extra protection for his ankles — a consistent issue throughout his early career.

UA Curry 2

The UA Curry 2 didn’t edge too far away from Under Armor’s first Curry release. In fact, they looked a lot like the Curry 1, which earned them some criticism. However, the brand did add in a Charged Cushioning® midsole that ran the length of the shoe, which was the first time Under Armour had done this in a basketball-style shoe. They also introduced the “Iron Sharpens Iron” colorway for the shoe, keeping it looking sharp. For Curry, the shoe’s release date in September 2015 was also notable as he was fresh off winning his first NBA title.

UA Curry 2.5

The Curry 2.5 was released in April 2016 before the third iteration hit the stores. These shoes accompanied Curry throughout the 2016 playoffs after he led the Golden State Warriors to the best ever NBA regular-season record of 73-9. The sneaker was released in multiple colorways including an Oakland inspired “73 & 9” colorway to commemorate their historic season.  

UA Curry 3

The Curry 3 seemed to be the last iteration stemming from the original Curry 1 shoe. They still made this pair stand out, but everyone agreed the shoe needed to evolve after a year and a half of reinvented ideas. The release also came at an unfortunate time, hailing just after the Warriors lost a historic NBA Finals game to the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James. It wasn’t the best moment in Curry’s career, and the change in the next shoe helped to signify a change up for the upcoming season.

UA Curry 3Zer0

The Curry 3Zer0 came out in a similar way as the Curry 2.5 did, as an in-between shoe that functioned as a transition pair between the designs of the Curry 3 and 4. Under Armour unveiled the shoe in March 2017, and it hit the shelves in May. The primary focus of the shoe was its breathability and adjustable heel stability system. They also had a dual-density midsole that was made with both Charged Cushioning® and Micro G foam.

UA Curry 4

The Curry 4 takes an entirely new spin on Curry’s series of signature shoes. The shoe was constructed with a high-top knit upper in bold black contrasting well with the pure white bottom and midsole. The shoe was first worn by Curry during the 2017 NBA Finals and featured a speed plate and a supporting cross-centric pattern on the sole for extra grip that would withstand his explosive movements. 

It is arguably one of the best shoes in the entire series. Not only is the appearance stellar, but its history is also remarkable — as the Warriors took their revenge in the NBA Finals on the Cavs. But the shoe itself outperforms almost anything in the line.

UA Curry 3Zero II

The UA Curry 3Zero II was said to be a filler pair until the drop of the Curry 5, but it still holds its own line in the mix. It takes on a whole different look with a navy design boasting a white stripe down the center to make it extra eye-catching.

UA Curry 5

The UA Curry 5 took another turn, coming out as the line’s first low-cut and understated design — different from the bold colorways and meaningful patterns of past shoes. Under Armour used a new technology to lock the foot into place using Anafoam containment zones. The shoe shared the full-knit upper with the Curry 4 and a similar responsive EVA midsole.

UA Curry 6

The UA Curry 6 hails back to Curry’s Oakland, CA roots with the “Fox Theater” Curry 6, which hit the shelves in January 2019. These followed the low-cut path set by the Curry 5. At this point in Curry’s career, he was a three-time NBA champion, and the eye-popping colorways supported the jaw-dropping career he had thus far. The shoe boasted HOVR cushioning and shared the typical knit upper, speed plate, and a heel counter on the outside for the stability of the ankle.

UA Curry 7

The design of the Curry 7 focused on the aerodynamics of the shoe. Some say that this compromised the overall design, but it’s a give and take that many fans were still happy with. Under Armour designed it to keep up with Curry while on the court with quick responses and extra stability. They combine the HOVR cushioning with a first-time flexible plate, swapping out the speed plate from many of the previous iterations.

UA Curry 8

The first sneaker released under the Curry Brand line is the Curry Flow 8, released in December 2020. This shoe isn’t just another in a lineup influencing the game of basketball, although it does that as well. This reiteration of the Curry shoe represents the commitment of the Curry brand to making an impact on the court and in the community. The shoe’s traction is what makes it shine, along with the excellent colorways and the brand’s commitment to providing access to quality programs and coaching. The Curry “Flow” 8 has an all-foam outsole that is reportedly stop-on-a-dime grippy.

UA Curry 9

The Curry Flow 9 is the ninth edition of Stephen Curry’s signature sneaker and is the first of its kind to use lightweight UA Flow cushioning. This technology cushions the foot from impact against hardwood and provides excellent traction for on-court grip, eliminating the need for a rubber outsole. Knit uppers are breathable, ensuring you stay cool while action on court heats up. Suede overlays offer extra support when you’re cutting and changing directions. Now available in unisex sizes, these sneakers weaponize your game like never before so you can splash down jumper after jumper on your way to victory.

UA Curry 10 

Blue, white, and red Curry 10 basketball shoe

The latest iteration of the Curry Flow line, the Curry 10 Flow Basketball Shoes represent the same drive for constant improvement that Steph Curry shows on the court. The UA Warp upper provides enhanced comfort and control so you can move dynamically, while the UA Flow cushioning and outsole provide maximum comfort and grip for unmatched court feel so you can get in on the start-and-stop action and start sinking jumpers just like Curry.


UA Curry 11 

Under Armor and Steph Curry have announced the next iteration of their partnership with the Curry 11. There are no exact details yet, but it is set to drop in October of 2023. When the drop comes, you’ll be able to find all the colorways on Finish Line

UA Curry 3Z5

Executing that game plan all starts with the Curry 3Z5 Basketball Shoes. Lightweight and grippy, the Curry 3Z5 Basketball Shoes are engineered for advanced lockdown support, quicker cuts, and next-level responsiveness for elite speed and control so you can lock in and cook defenders like Chef Curry. Available in unisex sizes as a part of the Curry brand through Under Armour, these sneakers weaponize your game like never before so you can sink jumper after jumper on your opponent on your way to victory.

The Future of Curry Shoes

Overall, the Under Armour Curry shoe collection has become a staple for fans and collectors alike and has made Under Armour, a major player in the basketball shoe marketplace. From fun colorways to enhanced shoe technologies, it’s a fun shoe line to follow, with fans anticipating the next shoe to drop toward the end of 2021.