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Written by Lyric Heard

Top: adidas Loose Crop Tank 

Bottoms: adidas Originals Regular Track Shorts & adidas Originals 3-Stripes Leggings 

Sneakers: adidas NMD R1 Primeknit 

The thing about my style is that I don’t have one, I’m free, and I go with the flow. Being a model in this industry already comes with so much pressure to look “the part” and for me not having a leg/hand already adds on 10 times the pressure to look a certain way. Over the years, I learned that you have to be confident in who you are and own everything about you. A lot of us run from what makes us different but I challenge everyone to run WITH your differences. That message plays a big part in how I dress. I like to be comfortable, but still fashionable and my adidas Originals regular track shorts are a perfect example. After a long day of photoshoots and running around Chicago I like to just take a break and kick my leg off and breathe, and that’s when my style for the day will be more relaxed and loose. Trying to get away from being labeled as the “disabled model” and instead being recognized on my talent and passion for my craft used to make picking what I wear hard. Mainly because certain outfits draw more attention than others. Now I’m in a place where I don’t care if me wearing shorts makes it more likely for someone to stare at my leg, if anything I encourage it.

My style can change up the next day and I’ll want to show my form more than my skin and I’ll throw on my adidas Originals leggings and it hugs my body perfectly while also allowing me to be comfortable and move, which doesn’t mean I’m trying to hide myself, I just like to show my mood through my clothes, and being a cancer sign I have a lot of moods.

Even though I do not have a set style, I still know what I want. Growing up, everything I owned had to have pockets and long sleeves and full pant legs so I could hide my hands and my prosthetic. Now that I’ve grown, I love showing my legs without the fear of people staring, because once they have enough of staring at my leg/hands the next thing to look at is my clothes and what I have on. Which is why I always try to make sure my clothes are me, not what other people want to see, but what I want people to see in me.

I’ve learned more about who I am, and I’ve learned to wear my clothes and not let them wear me. I just love being comfortable no matter what, the more comfortable you are the more confident you will feel, and dressing to cover up what you think the world will not accept will not allow your confidence to grow. It took me a long time to feel comfortable wearing shorts or tight clothes that will show my body because I wasn’t confident. NOW I realize those are two things that will take work every day, but while I’m working on bettering myself, I’m going to at least let go of the pressure of dressing to make others comfortable.

All in all, I don’t have a set style because I’m not a set me, I change and I love that my clothes can change with me. Let your clothes SHOW who you are, not hide who you are!

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written by Nick Santora

Over the past twenty years, the Air Jordan XI has remained the most sought after model in the brand’s illustrious history. The perfection in design and athletic achievements connected to this sneaker, embody the quality and excellence the Jumpman logo represents.

In 1996, Michael Jordan was back from retirement and focused on basketball. He led the Chicago Bulls to a 72-10 regular season and another championship, at the expense of the Seattle Supersonics. When the Concord Air Jordan XI dropped, it blew people’s minds. The pristine white canvas upper sat on glowing black patent leather, with just the right amount of purple hits added to the outsole. Once again, Air Jordan shattered the mold of what a basketball sneaker is supposed to look like. The design of the XI carried an air of class and elegance, perfectly suited for the player who they were sculpted for.

During the 1996 NBA Playoffs, Air Jordan’s legend grew with another color of the XI: the black and red high top. There was also an added surprise, as Nike also sprinkled in an (almost) completely new model for a few games. The sneaker was exotic and luxurious. Foreign, but familiar. The Air Jordan XI Low I.E. is an overlooked gem in the history of OG Air Jordans. Maybe it’s because he only wore it for a few games, and they weren’t necessarily designed for a season on the hardwood… These shoes might even be considered an early attempt at creating a Jordan “lifestyle” shoe. The sneaker’s designer, Tinker Hatfield explains:

“We were looking at how we could extend the original performance basketball shoe into something that could further the design, but turn into a low top. I wasn’t interested in an exact replica of a XI in a low top. I was more interested in doing a low top that was partly the Jordan XI, but fresher. I felt like the patent leather was contrary to the summer feel… The shoe didn’t need to feel so stiff and heavy. For the summer, I wanted something that was lighter and easier to wear.”

The Air Jordan XI Low I.E. is built on the same platform as its XI high counterpart, complete with the herringbone traction and carbon-fiber plates. The upper is where things get really interesting. Drawing inspiration from Jordan Brand’s heritage, the XI I.E. features the reemergence of elephant print, for the first time since the iconic Air Jordan III was released in 1988. Let’s just pause for a moment to think about the genius of Tinker Hatfield. Who puts faux elephant skin on a basketball sneaker, created for the greatest player in the galaxy? This was back in 1988, when every other basketball sneaker looked the same. It was groundbreaking. Then he decided to encore with the XI I.E. reprise in 1996! Another similarity to the III, is the 3/4 height on this warm-weather design. Tinker also adds geometric cutouts in the elephant print leather, with lightweight mesh underneath, to provide ventilation throughout the sneaker, while also decreasing overall weight.

When you consider the XI I.E. in today’s cultural, fashion, and design contexts, it looks better now than ever before. It feels like it could have been a collaboration with some high-end European fashion house. Future PRADA designs were inspired by this shoe. Twenty years after the original release, we’re all now just understanding the genius and aesthetics of this sneaker. They embody the current ethos of mixing athletic performance and high- fashion, further solidifying Tinker Hatfield’s place as Nike’s greatest visionary.

The Air Jordan XI Low I.E. ‘Fire Red’ drop Saturday, 9/23 at finishline.com

Besides being one of the go-to brands of the year, adidas is always nice to turn to because their sport and style options go hand in hand. Wearing leggings and sneakers one day, joggers and heels the next, doesn’t matter. This is a brand you can mix in for any occasion. Showing off more cozy, athleisure looks, Finish Line Women, @_modernfit, @kylierae, @sillygirlcarmen and @evannclingan are rockin’ adidas Swift Run, NMD R2 and UltraBOOST X.

Going with the shirt-dress style, @_modernfit sports this adidas Swift Run daytime outfit effortlessly. The mint three stripes compliment the softness in this look, from her loose high bun, to the way the shirt falls, it’s a great moment for athleisure.

Wearing one of the most comfortable sneakers made by adidas, @kylierae shows of her #boosted style with the adidas NMD R2, jogger pants and white cropped spaghetti strap. Simple, cozy but made into her own with details like her layered necklace and  half sleeve tattoo. Can’t go wrong with #teamcozy.

Also showing off the adidas Swift Run is @sillygirlcarmen. Picking up the colorway on her sneakers with a pair of drawstring shorts and white, beach print t-shirt. Again, not styled over the top and very easy pieces to work with.

New York fitness blogger, @evannclingan is showing the sporty side of her adidas UltraBOOST X sneakers. Standing out in a beautiful blue adidas leggings and sports bra set, her black boost sneakers are an easy style to make this entire outfit look on point and ready to tackle any workout.

Check out more adidas style at finishline.com and keep up with @_modernfit, @kylierae, @sillygirlcarmen and @evannclingan’s adidas style on @finishlinewomen. 

Brooks is taking their running technology and teaming up with street style for the latest Brooks Revel Running Shoes. With a full knit upper, BioMoGo DNA midsole and traction pattern on sole, these sneakers are ready for 3 mile runs to coffee dates and you’ll love the easygoing athletic style.

The color options are also nice for these kicks. A pink/purple and teal/navy are two colorways to add a little extra something to your overall fitness forward outfit or  you have the classic black/white or grey to keep things in neutral.

Go extra comfy and keep things easygoing with the Brooks Revel Running Shoes at finishline.com.

Showing off fall friendly hues, the PUMA Fierce Athlux sneakers are keeping things minimal and modern for your street style. Inspired by dance movements and designed with training needs in mind, the PUMA Fierce is everything athleisure and sport-luxe. This collection of the Fierce sports an all over Nubuck upper, premium leather and mono-color for a sleek look. Coming in a Olive, Black, Taffy and Cameo Brown, these kicks can be the piece to add some sport-luxe vibes to any day.

Show off your sneaker style and grab the PUMA Fierce Athlux Thursday, 9/21 at finishline.com. 

By Drew Hammell

image via Nate Chang

For over 35 years, the Air Force 1 has been a fan favorite in Nike’s vast arsenal of sneaker silhouettes. Last fall, Nike unveiled the edgy Special Field Air Force 1, which was designed by Ben Kirschner. Redesigning a classic can be a risky proposition, but the result was a new cult favorite that has produced some unexpected effects.

Inspired by military combat boots like the Nike SFB, the SF-AF1 is much higher than the traditional Air Force 1. Originally reimagined with a crepe rubber sole similar to a Quoddy boot, Kirschner switched back to the classic AF1 sole for the final model.

image via Nate Chang

One thing I saw was that you don’t need to make the Air Force 1 into a boot, the rubber on the sole already does that. That’s one thing on the SF AF1 that I wanted to keep true to its heritage,” said Kirschner in an interview with Complex magazine.

The higher silhouette has led to an intriguing fashion transition in menswear – it’s now OK to tuck. For the past ten years, skinny jeans have been popular. Before that, bootcut jeans and super-baggy jeans were in style. But for decades, if not centuries, men haven’t been tucking their pants into their shoes.

Of course, the functionality of the pant tuck is a traditional look for military and law enforcement uniforms, but it’s never quite made its way into mainstream fashion. Typically women have no problem tucking, but men shy away from it. The SF-AF1 has helped change that mentality.

image via Nate Chang

Nate Chang (@yung__corbu), a senior design student at the University of Washington, owns several pairs of SF-AF1s partly due to the fact that Kirschner designed them. “Ben is an alumni of the design program I’m in, so the shoe kind of holds a special influence for me,” said Chang. “I think it’s a cool shoe, made even cooler by the design process. [Kirschner] didn’t stick with a typical AF1 silhouette, which I think made it more true to the idea of an AF1 you can stomp around in.”

After the success of the SF-AF1, Nike unveiled a mid-cut version as well. This model features a dual-zip closure system in the heel, industrial-style markings on the side, and, perhaps most notably, the removal of the Nike Swoosh.

images via Gary Lockwood

Artist and designer Gary Lockwood, the man behind @freehandprofit, is a fan of the updated model and even created an entire SF-AF1 mask campaign for Nike. “AF1s have always been a part of my sneaker collection. It’s a staple of Hip-Hop culture. So when they dropped the SF1s I was excited to see the newest version.”

With the success and influence of the SF-AF1 in just the past year, the impact of the SF-AF1 in the fashion and art communities is hard to deny.

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Now making a comeback for the Diadora Sportswear line is the storied B. Elite shoe, first launched in the 1980s thanks to Diadora’s collaboration with Bjorn Borg, tennis champ who won Wimbledon and Roland Garros tournaments an impressive five times each.

A comfortable, resistant shoe originally designed to favor Borg’s amazing physical fitness, speed and readiness, the B. Elite made a major hit at the time. Re both material research and construction technique, it represented the most prestigious model in the Diadora Tennis line.

The original model – created for competing on a clay court – had an upper in natural kangaroo leather to enable a soft yet sturdy fit. Other features were: bicolor rubber sole with caucciù (natural rubber) bottom, quick-fastening system, padded collar and heel, extractible anatomical insole.

Today, to revive the glory, Diadora has kept the structure of the original model used by Borg in what proved to be a sensational year for the sports star: 1981. The shoe, re-edited for leisure purposes, is originating from a modern mix of street influences complete with a sports flair, talking thus to a new generation of consumers.

Always working on the next innovation and toward the newest trend, the Sportswear line is inspired by ‘80s and ‘90s items from the Diadora archive which, thanks to fresh colours and distinctive materials, define new products that clearly appeal to young target audiences. Authenticity, upbeat irony and freedom of thought characterize a line that also includes limited editions in collaboration both with the most influential sneaker creators and stores on the market and with popular personalities on the Italian or international music scene. Ergo the Sportswear line is not only for sports enthusiasts, it’s a line for urban consumers who want to make a statement. Mission of the Sportswear brand is to drive consumers in setting their own style by offering shoes and clothes that are original and out-of-the-box, above and beyond any fashion of the moment.

Check out more Diadora style at finishline.com. 

We are absolutely loving these latest styles for Finish Line Women. Rocking that oh so popular Champion logo the ladies love, the Cropped Coaches Jacket and Jersey Dress are a great addition to any sneaker wardrobe.

The minimal design helps you pair the Coaches Jacket with more looks than one this fall. Jeans, dress, shorts or leggings, it’s the right kind of athleisure for any outfit. At knee length, the Jersey Dress is a great transitional piece from summer to fall. Not ready to stop showing off some leg, but comfy enough to layer under a thicker denim or leather jacket.

One of the best things about Champion clothing is how it’s being worn casually and dressed up on the street. The Coaches Jacket  can always be thrown over a cute cropped shirt or tank with your favorite jeans, but if you’re feeling more than your everyday sneaker self, throw on your go-to heels and they’ll  do the trick for this Champion dress or jacket.

Don’t miss out on the hype and check out the Champion Cropped Coaches Jacket and Champion Jersey Dress at finishline.com.

Another colorway of the Nike SF-AF1 is on the way and is just what your fall rotation needs. The Nike SF-AF1 Mid ‘Ivory/Mars Stone’ is the newest member to the SF-AF1 Mid family. The updated look to the classic Air Force 1 brought a military type feel that was a refreshing twist on a classic silhouette. Nike has made some updated to the SF-AF1 Mid as it features zippers on the heel for easy slip-on and a boot-like collar that was seen on the SF-AF1 original. This one comes dressed in a clean ivory and mars stone color scheme. Featuring a white tumbled leather upper with ballistic nylon on the tongue and heel wrap. Finishing off the military-inspired style is a mars stone red covers the rubber outsole.

The Nike SF-AF1 Mid ‘Ivory & Mars Stone’ is coming soon to Finishline.com.