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It’s been 30 years since Nike debuted Air Max to the world and it continues to evolve. From running, basketball, tennis, training and now a popular street style choice, there’s much to celebrate around Air Max designs.


This month has been full of great releases for Air Max and we are loving how Nike is revamping some of their most talked about styles. We even have some new additions to the Air Max fam and they’re coming in hot.

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Stay tuned for the rest of the month to see more things Air Max and check out the styles at finishline.com.

Written by Luis Alcala

As far back as I can remember, I was always looking at people’s feet. Maybe it was because I was shorter and really had no choice, but I always looked at people’s shoes and became fascinated by their choice in footwear. Growing up in Chicago during the heyday of MJ, all you saw were Jordan’s EVERYWHERE. So when I saw shoes that weren’t Jordan’s, it caught my attention. The fall of 1992, I was entering the 3rd grade and attending a new catholic school. Everyone wore a uniform, but your kicks were what made you stand out. I had a pair of Sonic Flights, but one morning when I was walking into school, I laid eyes on my first pair of Air Max ’90s. It was totally different from anything I’d ever seen. The grey suede with white mesh and orange/red color (later named infrared) around the bubble, it was sheer perfection! I was so fascinated with the shoe that belonged to this older kid, I built up the courage and asked him what they were called. He stared with a funky look and said “Air Max! now beat it.” I never thought two words could change my life.

Luis Alcala Nike Air Max

Air Max '97 Michael Johnson

Over the years, my passion grew stronger, literally going into a shoe store just to see the newest Air Max. Studying them and seeing the shoe evolve each year. A lot of sneakers helped shape my youth, but there was something about Air Max that stood out. From seeing the ’95s on the Wayans Bros then running to stores to find out what they were or the legendary Air Max 96 Scream Greens, to the Air Max ’97 Michael Johnson ad’s and seeing the gold pair in person thinking it was the greatest shoe ever. I used to beg my parents to buy them, but they refused due to them selling at $150.

Luis Alcala Air Max Collection

With time, I got a job and it was a done deal after that. Buying every Air Max I could get my hands on. From the Air Max Plus Tigers, to waiting at NikeTown Chicago in 2005 for the AMAZING Power Wall series or going to all the mom and pop stores in the city buying every pair of Air Max I saw available. It was easier back then, but I’m glad to finally have Nike celebrate these shoes with its own day. The small community of people that love Air Max is something unique as well and I don’t think there’s an audience like it with any other style. Love is such an easy word to throw around with material things, but for this shoe, it’s beyond love. To me the Air Max is a lifestyle. Passion is something that we all have for a particular thing and mine just happens to be a shoe with bubbles.

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Jacket: Nike Tech Fleece Destroyer Jacket

Bra: Nike Pro Indy Strappy Sports Bra

Shorts: Nike Pro Cool 3 Inch Training Shorts

Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 Low Casual Shoes

Photos By: @e_fancy

The key to tackling a busy schedule and still making time for the gym is efficiency. Groundbreaking, right?

As somebody who is always on the go, I try my best to minimize the time I spend traveling back and forth between appointments while also being mindful of how much I carry throughout the day.

Anna Bediones Nike

Work. Meeting. Event. Gym, somewhere in between.

If I know I have a busy day coming up, I make an effort to dress functional yet presentable. I also know that if I have a busy day and I don’t prepare myself, I will – for sure – make an excuse to skip the gym.

Anna Bediones Nike 3

Anna Bediones Nike 2

This is where the “athleisure” trend saves lives (how dramatic). Instead of carrying multiple sets of clothes, I try to incorporate my training clothes into my outfits.

Anna Bediones Nike 4

Sports bra replaces a real bra. I don’t always wear sheer tops but the bra – especially the Nike Pro Indy Bra – makes for good decoration when visible. The tech fleece bomber jacket keeps me from being too naked and also too cold because in reality, it’s freezing in my city.

Anna Bediones Nike 5

Anna Bediones Nike 6

Tights are often difficult to wear underneath other pants, but they make for good layering pieces in the cold. In this case, I opted for Nike Pro shorts that fit easily under my pants, and add another decorative element to this outfit.

Anna Bediones Nike 7

The shoes are the most important. If you know you will be on the move, sneakers are the way to go to ensure maximum comfort. White Air Force 1s are my go-to. They are comfortable enough to carry me through the day, and cool enough to not cramp my style. I never have to think twice about white AF1 lows – they’re a staple sneaker and look good with pretty much everything.

With this outfit, all I need to carry in my gym bag is a pair of trainers and a top. Easy!

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Nike’s latest innovation is the pinnacle of air. Remember the revolution. Thirty years ago, the original Nike Air Max debuted. It was the very first sneaker to display a visible Air-unit for cushioning and it started the revolution. Fast forward to Air Max Day this year and the legacy of Air Max will continue with the Nike VaporMax featuring ground breaking technology.

Previous Air units were insulated by a rubber layer which helped improve durability. The VaporMax Air unit is a standalone outsole. This new outsole was reshaped to increase flexibility and elasticity. It’s added durability eliminates the need for the traditional foam midsole seen in its predecessors.

This new VaporMax sole is paired with a full Flyknit upper that helps create a precise fit, comfortable support, and keeps the sneakers lightweight. If you love the pillowy cushion of an Air Max and looking for greater energy response, the VaporMax is all you.

The revolution never ends. Get the Nike VaporMax on 3/26 at FinishLine.com.

Air Max LD-Zero

The Air Max LD-Zero evolved from the mind of streetwear legend Hiroshi Fujiwara. Last year, we were introduced to the LD-Zero H, but this year on Air Max Day, we’re looking at a more natural-toned finish. Fusing the classic LD-1000 upper to 360 degree air cushioning, this style is everything we love about Air Max. With a minimal ’70’s aesthetic and a nylon upper with suede overlays, this sneaker is a must-have for the month of Air Max.

Women's Air Max LD-Zero

Grab the Air Max LD-Zero, Sunday 3/26 at finishline.com.


Coming in a light blue, leather upper, this next Retro 6 is definite eye candy for the ladies. With soft, minimal colorways being popular this year, the Retro 6 ‘Pantone’ is presenting itself at the right time. Spring is around the corner and we’re loving this sneaker’s vibe. From your favorite pair of denim to a casual dress, this is the kind of footwear that will separate you from the rest. Another upside to this release is the fact it’s coming in extended sizes, so fellas if you wan to get your baby blue on, you can wear anything from a 9.5 or smaller.

Grab the Girls Grade School Air Jordan Retro 6 ‘Pantone’ Saturday, 3/25 at finishline.com.

Women's Ultra Boost X 1

Three new colorways are coming into the Ultra Boost X picture. With the hype around this sneaker coming from it’s unique design and primeknit upper, the anticipation is building. A Crystal White, Tactile Blue and Easy Coral are what’s coming for this design and they’ll be a perfect addition to your #boosted, spring rotation. Don’t miss out on this next drop and get some new primeknit on your feet with adidas Ultra Boost X.

The next set of adidas Ultra Boost X Running Shoes are set to release Wednesday, March 22nd at finishline.com.



Throughout history, there have been players who have left us in shock with their dominant performance at the college level. Unfortunately, because of this kind of talent, one and done athletes have become more prevalent, which means less time for potential NBA players to team up while they’re still in school. In light of the March Madness, this article will list out eight historically great basketball schools and their best players, two back court players and three front court players. Take a look at our Twitter page and vote for what teams you think would be the most dominant.

Dikembe don’t care who you vote for:


Nike Free RN

Nike Free RN Flyknit is back with new makeup. Men’s and Women’s styles are getting different colors to match your athleisure threads this spring and if you’re about Flyknit, then you’ll love this design. With the new full length Nike Free sole, you’ll feel light on your feet and loving the sock-like fit. Take these to the gym, on the road or around town and you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.

Women's Nike Free RN Flyknit 2

Check out the new Nike Free RN Flyknit 2 Thursday, March 16th at finishline.com.