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This week brings us a couple of kicks we should all be looking to add to our collection. From the Air Jordan 13 History of Flight to the Nike Basketball signature show for Paul George and Kyrie Irving. And not to mention PUMA who continues to kill it for the ladies. See all this and more on the latest episode of Heat Check presented by Jacques Slade.



  • NIKE KYRIE 3 “Obsidian” ($120) – Finishline.com


  • AIR JORDAN RETRO 13 “History of Flight” ($190) – Finishline.com
  • NIKE PG 1 “Blockbuster” ($110) – Finishline.com
  • GIRLS’ GRADESCHOOL JORDAN RETRO 13 “Mint Foam” ($140) – Finishline.com

Via adidas

If you were paying attention earlier this summer, you should have noticed our friends over at adidas added a new member to the #BOOST club, the adidas PureBOOST DPR and adidas PureBOOST DPR LTD.  The adidas PureBOOST DPR LTD provides its wearers with the bare necessities, not too much, not too little.  This model is very similar to the adidas PureBOOST in that it offers wearers a lightweight, knit-upper and a full-length BOOST midsole; however, the two are very different.

The PureBOOST DPR LTD can be styled in a multitude of ways; it can be worn with shorts, denim, joggers, and even sweat pants; yes, sweatpants. This is the perfect shoe for you to play weekend warrior in, and if you don’t believe me, just ask up-and-coming rapper J.I.D, he was spotted giving this model some air time while on tour in Jacksonville. Look out for the Noble Ink/Solar Orange pair to release July 26th.

Don’t miss out on your chance to #GETBOOSTED, head into your local Finish Line, or check out FinishLine.com to add the adidas PureBOOST DPR LTD to your rotation.

A new school year will be here in no time and whether you need casual kicks or something to lace up in the gym, Finish Line has the right back-to-school support for your soles. Knowing kids shoes are not always for small feet will help you with your shopping before hitting the books. Thanks to @atothebed’s women’s to kid’s sizing breakdown, we already know the basics:

  • Formula: (your shoe size) – 1.5 = your youth size
  • Women’s sizing runs 1.5 sizes larger than youth sizing, so you will subtract 1.5 from your regular size. For example, if you wear a women’s 7.5, you would wear a size 6 youth.

With more options and more money in your wallet at check out, here’s why Finish Line Women are loving kids sneakers for a new school year:

New Balance 247:

New Balance 247 Women-Kids Blog

New Balance 247 Women-Kids Blog 2

Easy to love with it’s minimal appeal, New Balance 247 casual sneakers are the perfect choice for your back-to-school threads. This off-white, cream colorway is a fresh look you can pair with just about anything and will keep your feet happy all day long. An upside with a design like this one is it will compliment a cozy, “I stayed up late studying” day at school or set you apart when sporting them with a dress or street-chic getup. Versatility. A girls best friend – amiright?

Nike Pegasus 34:

Nike Pegasus 34 Women-Kids Blog

Nike Pegasus 34 Women-kids blog 2

Images feat. @kaitfitzy

The new and improved Pegasus 34 is the perfect running shoe to get you through workouts or longer days on campus. This girl’s colorway is a pop of pink hard to resist. The contrast of blue on the Nike Swoosh adds a nice accent and just enough sporty spice to keep you lookin’ on point. Pick-up these playful colors with a Nike Breathe Running Tank and your favorite leggings and you have a complete look worthy of sport-luxe envy.

Check out all the latest Back to School Styles at finishline.com. 

Girls Air Jordan Retro 13 'Mint Foam'

Earlier this month we saw the Girls Air Jordan Retro 6 Low ‘Mint Foam’ and now the exclusivity continues from Jordan Brand on the Retro 13. The light green shade compliments the black upper and sports a fresh look. Another trend that we’ve seen this year and also graces this Girls Retro is the stripe pattern on the tongue. You can see this detail with the metallic gold Jumpman Logo on this particular release. Lock this look up with your favorite sneaker style and ladies remember to size down 1.5 for the right fit.

Grab your pair of the Girls Grade School Air Jordan Retro 13 ‘Mint Foam’ Saturday, July 22 at finishline.com.

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Anyone who loves sneakers has probably spent countless hours (way too many) getting very aquainted with a toothbroosh and their kicks. The most notable situation involving a pair of kicks getting cleaned might go to Spike Lee’s (Mars Blackmon) 1989 film “Do the Right Thing where Buggin’ Out gets his fresh pair of white cement 89 Mike’s (Air Jordan IVs) scuffed by a cyclist, then proceeds to whip out a toothbrush and clean his kicks on a fire hydrant. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is; but with the introduction of premium shoe care products like Crep Protect, you can now retire that old toothbrush without sacrificing your fresh.

So how does Crep Proctect work? Crep Protect utilizes Nano technology that acts as an invisible, protective barrier causing any unwanted liquids to simply roll off your shoe instead of soaking in. The first application is typically good for around two weeks, so just spray on, let dry, hit the streets, and repeat! Not only does Crep Protect offer shoe cleaner and repellant, they also offer the Crep Protect Travel Cure Kit and the Crep Protect Pill.

Crep Protect Spray:

A post shared by Crep Protect (@crepprotect) on

Crep Protect Travel Cure Kit:

A post shared by Crep Protect (@crepprotect) on

Crep Protect Pill:

Crep Protect pill

Via Crep Protect

If you want to master the art of protection, head into your local Finsish Line, or check FinishLine.com to grab your own Crep Protect.

UA C1N Trainer

To go from Heisman winner, to national champion, to first overall pick in the NFL Draft is impressive, but to also lock in NFL Rookie of The Year all in the span of one year, that’s unheard of. For a man that’s defying the odds on the gridiron, Cam Newton, also known as Mr. MVP, has earned the right to be referred to as “Hometown Hero” in both the Carolinas, and his hometown, Atlanta, Georgia; he led his team to a 15-1 season and a Super Bowl. Our friends over at Under Armour partnered with Cam Newton create the C1N Trainer, a new signature shoe for Atlanta’s “Hometown Hero”. Just yesterday, Under Armour held a launch party in Atlanta Georgia where the man himself, Cam Newton, unveiled his new trainer to the public while rapping alongside 2 Chainz.

Under Armour C1N Trainer

The Under Armour C1N offers a futuristic out of the box design that organically blends the ferocity of the Football field with the artistic expression of the streets. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of shoes to be the center of attention while enduring pre-season work outs, or walking down your city block this is the ideal shoe for you. Look for this shoe to be featured in three colorways, the first of which is a red and metallic gold colorway, paying homage to Cam’s southern roots.

Be sure to head into your local Finish Line July 20th, or check FinishLine.com to grab a pair of the Under Armour C1N Trainer.

Written by Maria Mora

Brittany Sky WeAreMore Interview

Image via Will Nichols

What is life if you’re not investing time into the things that you love? Brittany Sky is well versed in living the life she’s always wanted. The Queens-born tastemaker has taken every opportunity presented to her and turned it into gold. From her days working alongside Hot97’s Programming Director to starring as Kendrick Lamar’s leading lady in ‘Poetic Justice,’ Brittany has transitioned into being front and center with grace. The 28-year-old soon added djing under her belt and saw it was a craft that didn’t only fulfill her, but gave her the chance to connect with all walks of life around the world.

Being that New York has such a negative reputation amongst the social crowd, Brittany’s genuine aura took me off guard. I remember first meeting Brittany while she was preparing for the FentyxPuma gig earlier this year. Her down-to-earth persona was refreshing to be around. It was almost as if I was speaking to a good friend I hadn’t seen in awhile and from that moment, it  was evident as to why many look up to her. We had the opportunity to chop it up with the woman curating some of your favorite parties and vibes, proving why she perfectly exhibits the #WeAreMore mentality.

In what ways has music made you a better person?  

It’s helped me through certain situations and it’s brought me closer to different types of people because we all relate to the same thing. I feel like there’s a song for everything anyone is going through and it’s taking me around the world. It’s really a universal thing; people that don’t speak english know the lyrics to certain songs and that’s cool to see.

A post shared by Brittany Sky (@brittanysky) on

What are some of the misconceptions you’ve received with your career title?  

Some of the misconceptions that I’ve received with my career title has been like ‘oh you’re a female, you know everybody, you’re gonna get on easily..’ but truthfully it hasn’t been easy. I felt sort of insulted by that because I did put in the groundwork early and I did pay my dues and I really do love music. I was learning and everyone deserves a chance to figure it out, so I feel like people shouldn’t be so hard on people who are trying to enter or find a new career path, plus if they’re passionate about it. Women can be passionate about music just as men can. I feel like i’ve overcome those misconceptions and I’ve stayed consistent with it. With my consistency, I’ve gotten respect out of it.

You’ve managed to generate such a huge following due to your talent and charisma. Do you feel any pressure to live up to the standard that you’ve set?

I didn’t realize it until a couple of months ago, everything that I wanted to do, I’m conquered and now I have to set new goals. It feels like it’s never enough. You make it to one point, you peak at one point, you end up wanting more for yourself. Now, there’s so many internet sensations and it’s so much easier to get recognition on the internet, especially if you’re younger because that’s your outlet. It’s easier to do certain things to get your follower count to grow, but I feel like I’m really confident in my relationships and I feel like I don’t really have to change who I am to be accepted. I don’t have to post certain things.. Anything I put up is because I genuinely want to.

Brittany Sky WeAreMore Interview 1

Image via Will Nichols

In what ways do you hope to inspire your audience?

Letting people know that you can be true to yourself and you don’t have to do things or put yourself out there in ways you don’t want to. If people tell you ‘you should post this way’ or ‘you should do this,’ at the end of the day, it’s your social platform; it’s completely up to you. Staying true to yourself or feeling forced to portray a certain image, especially if you’re a female. There’s so many young kids out there who praise people for what they have and they don’t know what that person had to do to get it; that’s my biggest thing because I’m never that person. The bigger you grow and the more you expand your brand, you start to see people who have this and that, but you don’t know what they’re doing to get it and you don’t know what their real life is like. There’s a certain freedom that you have… you get to curate your life the way you want.

What’s currently in your sneaker rotation?

Right now, I’m wearing the adidas Metallic Superstars. I feel like they could really dress up an outfit. The adidas Tennis Hu sneaker by Pharrell. Perfect shoe for the summer and they’re so comfortable. I wear Vans all the time. I also love the Jordan All Star 1s. For working out, I usually wear adidas Ultra Boost sneakers.

What does #WeAreMore mean to you?

#WeAreMore than just females. We are individuals who can help carry the future of female entrepreneurs by showing them #SkyIsTheLimit.

A post shared by Brittany Sky (@brittanysky) on

What mark do you want to leave when it comes to style and your music?

I want people to know there’s no right or wrong when it comes to your sense of music and style . Just go based off of how you feel. Feelings are real and there’s more than enough music out there to get you through whatever it is you may be going through. Today’s current mood is centered around funk music and fun daring threads. Just do what feels right to you, ya know ?

From your perspective, how will the female role in the DJing industry shape the future?

I feel like we give a different perspective. I feel like it’s a lot easier for us to bring females to a party or events because we relate to each other. Also, I have a lot of girls tell me ‘I want to be a DJ because I see you.’ This new generation of female DJs are breaking boundaries and I think men have accepted it. At first, it was like they’re taking money and gigs from us but now they’re into it. I feel like it’s inspiring younger girls to get into not just djing but being a producer. This is something that you can do, it’s not just for men. We can all have the same skill set if we wanted.

Throughout all of her DJing adventures, travelling the world, and working with major brands, Brittany’s most important possessions are her relationships. Her passion, charisma, and overall edgy style make her stand out against the rest. We’re sure there’s a lot more to come for Ms. Sky. Make sure to follow her adventures on Instagram and check out her curated self-titled platform, BrittanySky.com.

Fur Slide

Fur Slide

Wild, wild, wild. Wild thoughts come to mind with the next wave of FENTYxPUMA Fur Slides. Now that we’re in the heart of summer, Rihanna and PUMA are showing us some colorways that are crazy cool for summer. “Bay” is a lush seafoam green that is sure to give any outfit a pop of color while “Cool Blue” is a pretty pastel blue that is a summer essential.

Fur Slide

These slides feature a smooth satin foam backing and a sassy faux fur strap with the PUMA logo embroidered over the top. The bold updates on this sporty classic make it an easy choice not just for the pool, but also for plenty of fashion scenarios while off duty.

Make a fashion statement with the FENTYxPUMA Fur Slides on 7/13 at FinishLine.com.

FW17_GigiReebok Club C Zip 01

With an ongoing relationship with Reebok, Gigi Hadid is once again front and center in the latest Reebok Club C Zip. A minimal design that will pair nicely with all kinds of style on any given day. The supermodel is rocking the look with the Reebok Harem Pant and Gigi Bra. Comfy, sporty, but if put together right, pieces that can be worn out on the town as well. 

Gigi Reebok Club C Zip Laydown_01

Coming in shades like Shell Pink, Sandstone and Black, the Reebok Club C Zip sneakers will pair with your minimal, athleisure looks all summer long. 

FW17_Gigi_Women_s_Knee_Down_Reebok Club C Zip 02

Grab the Reebok Club C Zip worn by Gigi Hadid, Saturday 7/1 at finishline.com.