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The Nike Air Max 97 has been one of the most popular sneakers this year, after the ‘Silver Bullet’ and ‘Gold Medal’ pairs returned for the 30th anniversary. Now, the classic silhouette is getting some modern upgrades to compliment the return of the OG with the all-new Nike Air Max 97 Ultra 17. These new innovation additions reduce the silhouette’s weight, highlights its signature lines in a single-layer upper and introduces new Air-Sole PSI levels to provide a more comfortable ride for daily wear. Leave it to Nike to make a classic better than ever. For the men, we will be dropping five new pairs that are done with very clean colorways. There will be a ‘Triple Black’, ‘Silver Bullet’, ‘Navy & White’, ‘Black & White’ and ‘Lite Orewood’.

For the ladies, we will see Metallic Rose Gold, Black/Pure Platinum and Lite Orewood. The colorways are friendly because they’ll match just about anything for many occasions. More sleek, lightweight and a perfect sporty option to add to threads alike or something street-chic. This is definitely a classic sneaker and now you can update your Air Max rotation with the latest 97 in the mix.

Keep this classic in your closet and cop a new pair of the Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 Saturday, August 5th at finishline.com.


Late last year and earlier this year, Nike brought the Air Max 97 back in a one of a kind way. They first dropped them in Italy last October to honor the impact that the iconic Air Max 97 had in Milan in the ’90s. Back in April, Nike gave sneakerheads a wider release of the classic Air Max 97 ‘Silver Bullet’ in honor of the 30th anniversary of the sneaker. John Gotty dropped some major knowledge about the history of the silhouette and design that every sneaker lover should know. You can peep that here

Now Nike wants to kick August off with three new colorways of the infamous model. ‘Triple White’, ‘Black & White’ and ‘Navy & Gold’ are all dropping on August 1st. With three clean pairs dropping, your biggest challenge is going to be deciding which one you want or where you’re gonna cut spending to afford all three.

Make sure you grab the Nike Air Max 97 ‘Triple White’, ‘Black & White’ and ‘Navy & Gold’ on August 1st at Finishline.com.

Ari Max LD-1000 'Blue Moon'

via Nike

Two new looks are headed to Finish Line for the Air Max LD-Zero. Gents, you will see a ‘Blue Moon’ colorway that’s sleek and sporty. Ladies, ‘Wolf Grey’ makeup is what’s in store for you and the style will easily pair with all of your athleisure outfits. With 360 degree air cushioning and the LD-1000 fused upper, this sneaker will take you to all the right levels of sport meeting street.


The Air Max LD-Zero is coming soon to finishline.com. 



Written by Luis Alcala

As far back as I can remember, I was always looking at people’s feet. Maybe it was because I was shorter and really had no choice, but I always looked at people’s shoes and became fascinated by their choice in footwear. Growing up in Chicago during the heyday of MJ, all you saw were Jordan’s EVERYWHERE. So when I saw shoes that weren’t Jordan’s, it caught my attention. The fall of 1992, I was entering the 3rd grade and attending a new catholic school. Everyone wore a uniform, but your kicks were what made you stand out. I had a pair of Sonic Flights, but one morning when I was walking into school, I laid eyes on my first pair of Air Max ’90s. It was totally different from anything I’d ever seen. The grey suede with white mesh and orange/red color (later named infrared) around the bubble, it was sheer perfection! I was so fascinated with the shoe that belonged to this older kid, I built up the courage and asked him what they were called. He stared with a funky look and said “Air Max! now beat it.” I never thought two words could change my life.

Luis Alcala Nike Air Max

Air Max '97 Michael Johnson

Over the years, my passion grew stronger, literally going into a shoe store just to see the newest Air Max. Studying them and seeing the shoe evolve each year. A lot of sneakers helped shape my youth, but there was something about Air Max that stood out. From seeing the ’95s on the Wayans Bros then running to stores to find out what they were or the legendary Air Max 96 Scream Greens, to the Air Max ’97 Michael Johnson ad’s and seeing the gold pair in person thinking it was the greatest shoe ever. I used to beg my parents to buy them, but they refused due to them selling at $150.

Luis Alcala Air Max Collection

With time, I got a job and it was a done deal after that. Buying every Air Max I could get my hands on. From the Air Max Plus Tigers, to waiting at NikeTown Chicago in 2005 for the AMAZING Power Wall series or going to all the mom and pop stores in the city buying every pair of Air Max I saw available. It was easier back then, but I’m glad to finally have Nike celebrate these shoes with its own day. The small community of people that love Air Max is something unique as well and I don’t think there’s an audience like it with any other style. Love is such an easy word to throw around with material things, but for this shoe, it’s beyond love. To me the Air Max is a lifestyle. Passion is something that we all have for a particular thing and mine just happens to be a shoe with bubbles.

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Nike’s latest innovation is the pinnacle of air. Remember the revolution. Thirty years ago, the original Nike Air Max debuted. It was the very first sneaker to display a visible Air-unit for cushioning and it started the revolution. Fast forward to Air Max Day this year and the legacy of Air Max will continue with the Nike VaporMax featuring ground breaking technology.

Previous Air units were insulated by a rubber layer which helped improve durability. The VaporMax Air unit is a standalone outsole. This new outsole was reshaped to increase flexibility and elasticity. It’s added durability eliminates the need for the traditional foam midsole seen in its predecessors.

This new VaporMax sole is paired with a full Flyknit upper that helps create a precise fit, comfortable support, and keeps the sneakers lightweight. If you love the pillowy cushion of an Air Max and looking for greater energy response, the VaporMax is all you.

The revolution never ends. Get the Nike VaporMax on 3/26 at FinishLine.com.

Every week, Finish Line brings you the Air Max heat our fans submit to us. This week, we saw a lot of people getting out into the warm weather and showing off their kicks in the bright light. And in that setting, the leather shines, colors pop, and patterns look just a bit zanier. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be featured next week, break out your Air Maxes today, show them off on social media with the #AirMaxMondays hashtag, and check back next Monday. Stay tuned to Finish Line by following us on Twitter and Instagram.

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Summer is finally here and with a new season comes a new wardrobe. Tuck those boots away in the back of your closest because you probably won’t be needing those for at least a few months. Mr. Foamer Simpson (mrFOAMERSIMPSON) has picked out what he thinks are the 5 hottest shoes to grab this summer.

The first is the adidas Ultra Boost. This has been the “Year of the Boost”. Coming onto the scene last February, the boost has 20% more of the coveted boost technology, making it perfect for the long days out with your buddies or slippin’ something on to get from your car to the beach. Every step is as fresh as the first.

Foamer follows up his boost selection with the Nike Flyknit Air Max. Crossing the legendary Air Max style with the Flyknit technology, you get the lightest, most stylish Air Max ever. Knock out your workout in the mornings and pair them with your favorite jeans in the afternoon, this Air Max is the perfect shoe for going gym to street.

These Stan Smiths aren’t your typical tennis shoe. The adidas Primeknit Stan Smith are Foamers next pick, taking a modern spin on a classic shoe. With the new Primeknit upper keeping your feet cool, the Three Stripes on the side keep you looking sleek all night.

Up next is the Nike Flyknit Presto. These classic sneakers get a major modern upgrade, cutting down the weight and adding more breathability allows you wear these from 12 to 12. Add these to your weekly lineup to turn heads and work on your answers to the age old question, “WHAT ARE THOSE?”

Last, but not least are the legendary Nike Air Force Ones. These shoes have been the go to summer kicks for generations, your dad probably slept overnight to cop a pair. Named after the plane that carries the POTUS, these shoes truly are an icon in the footwear world.

DSC_5333 DSC_5335

This classic Air Max originally released in 1996, then released to the public in 2004. The shoe features a navy leather base with white detailing, red accents and metallic gold finishes to complete the patriotic look. But the best feature of the shoe is the USA logo on the tongue and Nike Flag on each heel. The shoe’s “BW” suffix refers to the striking “Big Window” bubble in the heel for maximum comfort.

Show your stripes and pick up a pair on 7/7 at 10AM EST in store or online at finishline.com.

#AirMaxMondays 2/1/16

We’ve established that Air Maxes transcend time and weather, but they are also suited for all ages. From those who remember the first Air Max drop in 1987 to the youngsters out there, everyone rocks the go-to Nike casual sneakers. Regardless of your age, if you want to be featured on #AirMaxMondays next week, show us your Air Maxes on social media today, include the #AirMaxMondays hashtag, and check back next week. Stay tuned to Finish Line by following us on Twitter and Instagram.

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