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Ask anyone about something iconic from the ‘90s, and you can bet they have a memory tied to sneakers.

Between styling, directing, and snapping a few photos, A$AP Twelvyy took charge of a recent photo shoot for adidas Yung 96 and Falcon. After, we sat down to get his take on everything from ‘90s style, to his inspiration and love of comics. Here’s what he had to say:

When you first heard about this project what got you excited about it?

What got me excited was the YUNG. Because my name is Noon Yung. Yung 12. And if they on that Yung wave then it’s like 1996. I was like seven years old, you know. Started crossing the street by myself. Started figuring out who I am. And I was young. So Yung ’96—that’s me.

What was everyone’s style like in 1996?

Yo, 1996 was like the first time I feel like we started going futuristic with the style. So you remember, like, people wearing like the crazy futuristic glasses and the neon colors and the bright, puffy jackets and stuff like that? That’s just kind of how ’96 was.

How does the Yung 96 match up with the ‘90s?

They super comfortable. Simple, futuristic, cozy, tactical. A little bit of everything right here. If I would have had these in ’96 they would have knew I was from the future.

Why do you think the ‘90s style is back right now?

I feel like the nineties started ahead of its time. And then some stuff didn’t even catch on right away. Like, most of the stuff I see now was kind of trash in the ‘90s, but now it’s kind of like, “Oh, this is fire. This is dope.”

So I don’t know what it really is, but I feel like no one’s afraid to like step out or try something different nowadays. Like, being weird is the norm.

What made you want to get into style?

I was selling t-shirts back in the day. But I’m around some of the flyest people in the world now. So, you know, it’s like it’s a competition with us. I like to step out because you—not to say you want the attention. But you want to be fly. You want to be fresh. You feel good, you look good, you work good, you do good, you are good.

What was your thought process behind styling the models?

If I had to wear anything that was on the rack, would I or how would I wear it? How would I mix and match? I want [the models] to look their best. I want them to look fly. I want them to express their style.

Is picking out an outfit similar to switching around song lyrics?

The wardrobe is like a dictionary. Everything is there for you. But you have to pick and choose where to place everything.

How do you know when a look is right?

When I get dressed, I feel like it clicks when someone stops me in the street. Sometimes you don’t know till you go outside.

And when I walk into the studio, it’s like my style is my armor. I got my costume on.

How did you get into comics?

So real, real late at night when you know wasn’t supposed to have the TV on, I would cut the TV on to watch Spawn. It was like gory, bloody. It was crazy. And then to find out the voice actor behind Spawn was a black guy, I was just like, oh, I love this sh*t. They should have me in the new Spawn movie. Me and Meechy Darko brought back Spawn and this is all facts.

How do comics influence you?

Now, I use it as motivation and inspiration to create. Imagine how much greater a scene would be with its own song. That’s how I look at it. Like, Spawn doesn’t have a soundtrack, let me give him one. Plus, I can relate to their experiences. Their struggles.

Do you have any other creative outlets?

Yeah. Right now I’m writing a children’s book, You’re More Than a Rotten Apple. I love making music, but I want to be in a class by myself. Ain’t nobody doing what I’m doing. And I want to change kids’ lives.

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Every girl has their bestie to lean on and that’s why this year, we’re all about Valentine’s Galentine’s Day! Whether you’re rocking out in the car, getting ready together or busting out moves on the dance floor, the friend who lets you be 100% yourself is the one worth celebrating.

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Rethought. Recoded. Reboosted. The adidas UltraBOOST 19 is the most responsive offering from adidas to date. adidas designers and developers worked with thousands of runners across the globe to completely revamp the famed running shoe. Lighter. Faster. This new design went from 17 pieces to 4 for a performance-driven, game-changing running experience.

The first component is the Primeknit upper, which wraps your foot for an engineered fit and 360 degrees of targeted support. Second, you have the 3D heel frame. The heel counter allows for a natural fit and optimal movement of the achilles. Next is the torsion spring. Integrated in the midsole, the torsion spring provides support through your strides. The fourth and final piece is the BOOST midsole. As mentioned before, the midsole has been reworked to be the most responsive adidas shoe ever. With the new midsole, the possibilities are endless: The more energy you give, the more you get.

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Respect is earned, never given. With the help of his parents, NBA Star Zach Lavine realized that from a young age. His dad nailed a basketball hoop up in their basement and the rest was history. From that moment forward, Lavine has been in pursuit of respect. Growing up, bouncing court to court, Lavine would log and chart all the shots he’d put up. 400 shots here, 500 shots there, another 600 here. Lavine filled up five or six notebooks, each being a reminder of all the hard work he put in. Bad games, fatigue and injuries never held Lavine back either. Instead they stoked his flame and pushed him to work harder and come back better. That mindset circles back to the wise words his parents gave him as a youth: “I never told you it’d be easy, I told you it’d be worth it.”

Lavine is bringing his hard work and determination to the latest drop from adidas. The first of its kind from adi, the N3XT L3V3L (next level) is the future of basketball. Immediately you’ll notice the laceless Primeknit upper, the design allows for an engineered fit that targets support and enhances movement. On the lateral side of the shoe is a TPU banking barrier which allows you to change direction and move with fearless speed. The Lighstrike foam midsole offers soft, resilient cushioning and is paired with a Herringbone-patterned outsole.

Despite a long list of accolades (Two-time Dunk Champion, Rising Stars Game MVP, Second All-Rookie), Zach Lavine wants to be known as more than a basketball player. Knowing that the ball stops bouncing for everyone eventually, he wants to known for the type of person he is off the court. Lavine is striving to be the kind of role model that he looked up to when he was a kid. He knows he’ll never be perfect, but that doesn’t meant he can’t strive for it.

When he’s not on the court Lavine is continuing his pursuit of respect in the adidas UltraBOOST 1.0 Knit. Available exclusively at Finish Line, the standout model comes dressed in black with ‘Active Purple’ underlays and contrasting hits of ‘Shock Red’ (tongue & suede heel). The responsive black BOOST midsole completes this look.


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By Robbie Falchi of Sneaker History 

January ushers in a fresh start each and every year, but it also affords us the opportunity to reflect and remember Dr. Martin Luther King JR. Annual basketball releases from Nike and Adidas drop in commemoration of MLK Day and Black History Month with themes dedicated to the civil activist’s teachings. Lets take a look at our top-10 favorite MLK/BHM hoops shoes in celebration of Martin Luther King Day!

10. Nike Kobe 9 Elite; 2015

via Nike 

Black and white goes with everything, don’t @ us. Nike’s execution on the Kobe 9 Elite High was insane, every inch of the shoe has something going on without being too busy. Two-tone Flyknit across the upper offers a new look with every step. The shoe’s boxing inspired design was an acquired taste, but for those lucky enough to have owned a pair can attest to their unparalleled feel on the court.

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The city of Los Angeles is a beast of its own kind. If you’re gonna make it in LA, then your style better be on point and you have to roll with the punches. With over four million people calling the city their home, it’s safe to say that people don’t dress and act like everyone else. Housing some of the biggest style magazines and brands, you can say that fashion roots run deep, and having some of the most influential people in the world live here can put pressure on everyone else. You never know who can be around the corner but you have to be ready for anything.

Marcus Peters moved to LA when he was traded to the Rams and hasn’t wasted anytime getting settled in LA. Born in Oakland, Peters is always looking forward and isn’t looking to please anybody. If you don’t like him then keep it moving because thats the mentality he embodies everyday and especially when he’s on the field. He’s had his eyes on the prize since he was a kid, dreaming of being an NFL star one day, he stayed in his lane and never deterred from the path he made for himself. Becoming one of the best players in the league is no easy task. From growing up in Oakland and being slept on as just a three-star recruit, his backs always been against the wall and he fought his way to the top and his challenges didn’t break him, they made him.

YG came up in LA, the 400 block, and he attributes his city to making him the man he is today. He never forgot where he came from when he made it big though, he and his homies rep the 400 block by putting “400” after their names; YG 400! YG is credited for bringing so many different neighborhoods together with his music and you’d see it in the parks and on the blocks. Even though he’s famous now, people still put him in a box because of where he grew up. That might stop some people but they’re just adding fuel to his fire. If you think that YG is looking for a handout or for things to be given to him then you’re wrong, he’s gonna take his and get what he’s earned.

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Men’s Timberland 6″ Wheat, Jogger Pants and Color Block Windbreaker Jacket 


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Women’s Nike M2K Tekno


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Men’s adidas UltraBOOST


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Champion Prime Logo Waist Pack


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Men’s Nike AF1 Microbranding


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