You’ve probably heard of STATUS Exclusive Access by now: get access to hot drops, bot-free, before launch day. But you might be wondering how this whole thing works, and how you can increase your chances at copping.

Our goal? To get the hottest releases into the hands of our most loyal customers. We use 33+ points of data to evaluate each opportunity for STATUS Exclusive Access. Ultimately, the more you engage, the higher your chances.

While not guaranteed, you can increase your chances by taking action on the below:

 Download the JD or Finish Line app
 Complete Your Profile
 Select Your Store preference
 Shop With Us- Online & In-Store using your STATUS account
 Redeem your rewards in the STATUS Catalog
 Engage with us on social

Once you’re authorized by B0TFR33 technology, you’ll hear about STATUS Exclusive Access opportunities through push notifications on our app. So be sure to turn on notifications + location services so we can keep you looped into everything STATUS Exclusive Access – like local offers, rewards, and the latest drops.

Don’t miss out on the next hot drop. Sign up, complete your profile, and use your STATUS to secure your chances at Exclusive Access.

Get points. Gain access. Boost your STATUS.