Community Voices

Reinforcing our commitment to act


Over 100 episodes in, and counting. This month marks two years since we made the commitment to stand against racial injustice, and to act against bigotry, hate, and violence. Two years since we made a commitment to amplify local and national organizations that make a difference in Black communities.

During this time, we’ve worked internally on increasing diversity initiatives, and programs to help grow our employees across our corporate offices as well as our distribution and customer care centers. And we kicked off Community Voices, an interview series with the goal to help us become better allies by educating ourselves, our customers, and our employees on issues faced by underrepresented communities.

Two years is not a long time to make an impact, but this is just the beginning.

And this is our commitment to continue supporting our community by addressing important issues, elevating the voices of community advocates and non-profit leaders, further increasing our diversity initiatives, and continuing to fund organizations that help drive action for racial justice and equality.

Join us as we celebrate Juneteenth by reaffirming our commitment. We were thrilled to be joined by Malcolm Jenkins, former pro safety, for our 103rd episode of Community Voices. He joined us to discuss the importance of Juneteenth and some of the work that his organization, the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation, is doing to help underserved communities.

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