Community Voices: our continued support, April 2022


As part of our continued efforts to support our community, and our commitment overall to be better allies, we’re proud to lend our platform each week to individuals working for change. Every week we welcome a new guest on our Instagram to help us address important issues, and profile a charitable organization of their choosing making an impact. Kicking off in June 2020, we continue to gain momentum, and have hosted dozens of guests. Nearly 2 years in, almost 100 guests featured and organizations funded, we’re proud to keep the energy going.

Below are some of the amazing guests who have joined us so far in April 2022:

Episode 96: Davion Mitchell

The Point Guard for the @sacramentokings joined us to talk about the importance of having extra-curricular activities available to children in inner city communities. He also discussed how his hometown helped him get where he is today, and the important part that his childhood team, @stars_eybl, played in shaping his future.

Episode 97: Brett Hundley

We welcome Brett Hundley of the @colts to chop it up about his journey in the NFL, and what sparked him to start his organization, @thehundleyfoundation, plus the amazing work they do.

Episode 98: Josh Uche
We brought through Josh Uche to chat about his career with the @Patriots and how it’s helped him impact his community. He also discussed how his foundation “The Josh Uche Foundation” is helping to empower youth with essential resources.

Episode 99: Alohi Gilman

Safety for the @Chargers, Alohi Gilman, comes through to discuss the issue of child sex trafficking in Hawaii and the work @hoolanapua is doing to bring awareness. We also chatted about his career, and more.

Tune into @finishline for the latest episodes of Community Voices.