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New Brand Alert: Live Life Nice

Live Life Nice is a cause-driven apparel company, whose sole purpose is to inspire, empower, and motivate people to be nice and do nice. We chatted with Christian Crosby, the founder of Live Life Nice, to learn about his life, what lead to his decision to start Live Life Nice, and how his brand’s identity shapes everything the brand does, from supporting the community to the direction for product designs like the new and exclusive  “Change the World” collection

Who is Christian Crosby? How did he dream and build Live Life Nice?

Christian: Growing up in Philly and South Jersey, I watched my parents feed the homeless, lead theater arts programs for impoverished children, and do community counseling. My parents are very selfless, and I grew up wanting to be like that. But with a knack for being silly and entertaining–hence, the NBA arena gig–I was conflicted. I wanted to do good. I wanted to entertain. And I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I struggled with how to do all of that.

Working in marketing and events for the (Philadelphia) 76ers for ten years, I began to take note of how, in the world of media, negativity gets the most attention. I didn’t like that, and I wanted to do something about it. I came to a point in my life where I found myself being very angry. And I realized very quickly that being angry did nothing. And, in fact, it also made me part of the things I hated. I was part of the problem. So, I made the decision that I’m gonna do something about this; I’m gonna put some positivity into the world. It was never supposed to be a business. It was always just supposed to be something that I put my time into to inspire others to be nice and do nice. The whole point is to empower, inspire and motivate people to do that.

Inspiration for the exclusive Change the World collection:

Christian: We believe a simple act of ‘nice’ can change a mood, a day, a life and collectively, the world. This is what this launch stands for. 

How did positivity and feeling/doing good become staples in the brand’s identity?

Christian: From the start, this is all we’ve done and this is all we’ve stood by. We have gone out of our way to show that this is not just an apparel brand. We support taking the ACT. This is why we start fundraisers, donate money and time, and help inspire others to do the same. This is our sole purpose. It’s really cool to know so many others share this mission with us. Every time we receive support, it motivates us to keep building and keep going.

How does Live Life Nice bring joy to the world?

Christian: Our hard work is paying off. With Live Life Nice’s Instagram following of nearly 19K (and growing), we’ve:

  • Spearheaded a campaign to raise $10K for the Boys & Girls Club
  • Sold 150,000 masks to donate to The Philly Pledge & Philabundance
  • [Raised] $3500 for the Color of Change
  • Inspired 100K letters to military overseas
  • Donated about 1,500 pairs of shoes to Goodwill
  • Collected hundreds of toys for CF Charities
  • Donated several hundred pieces of sporting equipment to The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Philadelphia

It’s been amazing to see the growth and spread of ‘nice’ through our efforts.

Get Live Life Nice at Finish Line

Thank you to Christian Crosby for sharing his life story with us and bringing those positive vibes to Finish Line. The exclusive “Change the World” collection is now available at Finish Line. Shop today and learn more about other Black founders who are inspiring their communities through fearless self-expression and subversive thinking.