Air Jordan Retro 1

This upcoming Women’s Air Jordan 1 colorway is a natural beauty


For as long as there’s been art and design, creators have taken inspiration from the world around them.

Cave paintings, widely acknowledged as some of the oldest art in the history of mankind, depicted animals and scenes from nature.

Fast forward about 45,000 years and it’s still happening in mediums that those cave people couldn’t have possibly imagined.

Sneakers, now as much a part of the “art” world as anything, draw on natural inspiration all the time.

In fact, the designer of the legendary Air Max 95, Sergio Lozano, was at one time inspired by natural surroundings.

To let Nike News tell it:

One rainy afternoon, well before he was ever recruited for the Air Max project, Lozano found inspiration while taking in the Beaverton scenery. “I was looking across the lake out into the trees and I began picturing the process of rain eroding the earth and thought it would be interesting if the perfect product was unearthed by erosion,” Lozano remembers.

Even 25-plus years later, nature is still inspiring designers at Nike.

The Women’s-exclusive Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Seafoam’ is the latest to take cues from the world we live in.

The gorgeous Seafoam hue, reminiscent of bundles of sage, covers brushed leather overlays and outsoles, contrasting the white upper.

A splash of color comes in the form of Healing Orange on the laces.

See for yourself when the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Seafoam’ releases in Women’s and Kids’ sizing on 8/12 at and in stores.