Finish Line Youth Foundation

Apply now to the Louder Than Words grant cycle


The Finish Line Youth Foundation is thrilled to announce the 2021 Louder Than Words Grant cycle is now open! The grant funding will provide $500,000 in funds to communities of color, both within the Foundation’s Far Eastside neighborhood in Indianapolis, as well as across the nation.

The program directly supports Finish Line’s stand against racial injustice and commitment to acting against bigotry, hate and violence.

Do you think your organization is a great fit? Learn more, check eligibility guidelines and apply here!

Do you have a favorite organization that makes an impact on communities of color? Please encourage those organizations to apply by sharing this link.

Continue reading for more details or click here for the application page.


Organizations outside Indianapolis will have the opportunity to apply for grants up to $25,000.


Organizations within Indianapolis or the Far Eastside will have the opportunity to apply for grants up to $50,000. 

March 10 – April 30MayJune 
May 1 – June 30July August 
July 1 – August 31SeptemberOctober 


  • What type of projects qualify for funding?
    • Programming or activities for participation in programs that place an importance on personal development, an active and healthy lifestyle or education
    • Improvements and/or renovations to existing buildings, grounds, and property or for new facilities and/or grounds
    • Emergency needs that would somehow be keeping the organization from providing current services such as natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances that require special funding to help
    • Scholarships that provide full or partial funding to participate in programs provided by organization


  • Will be reviewed and approved by an internal council with guidance from the Youth Foundation upon distributing funds
  • Must be currently filed under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code 
  • Must create positive impact specifically on diverse communities
    • 51% or more of the population/participants are people of color
    • Have demonstrated commitment and capacity to deliver culturally competent services 
    • Support efforts to alleviate the impact of race-based discrimination and disparities


  • If organization is operating near JD, Finish Line and/or Finish Line at Macy’s stores
  • Programs for youth under the age of 18 years old


  • Political campaigns, or attempts to influence public officials
  • Organizations that unlawfully discriminate as to race, religion, income, gender, disability or national origin
  • Projects or programs aimed at promoting the teachings of a particular church or religious denomination, or construction projects of churches and other religious institutions
  • Fraternal, veterans or labor organizations
  • Foundations affiliated with a for-profit entity
  • Endowments
  • Beauty or talent contests
  • Individuals
  • Medical, scientific or academic research
  • Pay for travel or trips

For questions or comments, please email