Seriously nacho business: America’s best stadium options on National Nachos Day


Editor’s note: November 6 marks National Nachos Day. To celebrate, we went straight to the experts to find out where you can find the best stadium nachos in America.

Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m one half of Nacho Scout — a video series where my BFF Suzie and I travel the country sampling the best game-day foods stadiums have to offer.

America is in a golden age of stadium food: teams are prioritizing the fan experience in a way that foodies and fans can appreciate. 

Through our adventures coast to coast, we’ve learned a few lessons along the way:

  1. Layering is the key to any good nacho.
  2. If you finish a helmet of nachos with clean hands, you did it wrong. 
  3. Get comfortable with being uncomfortably full.

We’ve traveled far and wide and these are a few of our favorites across the country. 

Colorado Rockies

The Rox knock it out of the park with their Monster Nachos. This built-to-order offering has something that sets it apart from ballparks across the country — green chile queso. They love that stuff out there. Topped with beans, jalapenos and pico de gallo, that melty, slightly spicy cheese ties it all together. 

Boston Red Sox

Fenway is one of a kind. You get decades of history in every seat while still within close proximity of three in-park Dunkin Donuts (that’ll give you enough energy to sing Sweet Caroline as if you actually like the song.)

We all know you can put LOBSTAH on a roll, mac and cheese, even poutine — but it’s also phenomenal on nachos. This classic New England move enhances the Fenway experience, as seen here in the 2018 World Series. It will give a taste of elevated cuisine while in the setting of an old-school American baseball game.

L.A. Rams

We got the chance to experience the Rams during their first season in Los Angeles and their dining offerings at the Coliseum were a smorgasbord that celebrated the flavors of SoCal cuisine. 

Picture this: a bucket the size of our heads filled with salty corn chips topped with shredded chicken, refried beans, pico de gallo, jalapenos, guac, sour cream and of course, gooey queso. They’re the perfect shareable snack that can shine on its own or be one part of a long day of eating.

Philadelphia Phillies

These nachos are topped with barbecue from The Bull himself: Phillies legend Greg Luzinski. His BBQ place at Citizens Bank Park has a massive presence and, we can confirm, he actually hangs out there. This nacho helmet is topped with all the standards, too: jalapenos, salsa, and melted nacho cheese. It’s the perfect snack while you’re watching in awe (or horror) of whatever weird thing the Phillie Phanatic is doing. 

 Brooklyn Cyclones

There is so much more to eat in Coney Island than Nathan’s hot dogs! At MCU Park, you can get a whole helmet full of cheesy, crunchy nachos that looks just as good on camera as they do on someone’s head.

These chips come topped with a bean-based chili, molten cheese, salsa, guacamole, jalapenos and sour cream. The toppings spread easily so you can get a bit of everything on each chip. This game day eat pairs well with any beer — plus you get a souvenir to wear on the Wonder Wheel (and now you have a free hand to hold that Nathan’s hot dog). 

Hartford Yard Goats

This list would not be complete if we didn’t include the all-star nachos served by our home team, the Hartford Yard Goats.

The nachos at Dunkin Donuts Park are built to order. Our go-to toppings: liquid gold queso AND shredded cheese (gotta do both), rice and beans (trust us on this one), and pulled chicken tinga. Together they all round out the game-day experience.

Honorable mention: Rockies’ Apple Pie Nachos

Can you tell we love Coors Field? These dessert nachos were the ultimate treat. Pie Crust chips topped with apple pie filling and a scoop of ice cream will make your Thanksgiving pies jealous. As they should be. 

Amanda Zwirn is a New York native currently living in Massachusetts. When she’s not eating and reviewing nachos she is hitting the books in pursuit of her MBA. 

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