Travis Scott has beef with McDonald’s…in the form of a fast food and merch collab


Now I’m not implying that one of the hottest names in music and sneaker culture was inspired by that post, but there’s no evidence to the contrary, either.

What I’m talking about, of course, is Travis Scott’s collaboration with the most recognizable fast food brand in the world, McDonald’s.

It’s the first time the Golden Arches has had a celebrity collab since another guy whose name features on some hot sneakers. You might have heard of him, Michael Jordan?

Last Thursday Trav teased the collab, which includes Cactus Jack gear for McDonald’s crew as well as a merchandise line, and puts the Houston rapper’s favorite value meal on the menu.

Don’t expect anything too wild or out of this (Astro)world from the combo, which features a Quarter Pounder with lettuce and bacon, fries with barbecue sauce and a medium Sprite. “It’s lit,” according to a McDonald’s press release which definitely isn’t trying to be one of the kids.

This purported commercial for the meal is pretty slick though.

It’s been a big year for La Flame, with a virtual concert in video game Fortnite proving to be a huge hit.

And that’s not to mention his wildly popular Nike footwear and apparel collabs, including an Air Max 270 and an SB Dunk Low, selling out faster than you can adlib at the end of a verse.

The aforementioned Michael Jordan collaboration came in 1992 and the McJordan Special sandwich was fairly similar to the Travis Scott: A Quarter Pounder with bacon. You could only get that one in Chicago-area restaurants, where La Flame’s is available nationwide.

Man, I’ve been eating Quarter Pounders for years and I’m certainly not a multi-millionaire with super-hyped sneaker collaborations. I gotta get on their level.