Adrian Crawford

Travis Scott teases PlayStation 5 partnership, possible Nike Dunk Low collab


As Showtime late-night TV duo and Bodega Boys podcasters Desus & Mero like to say, “the brand is strong.”

While the Bronx natives are referring to themselves with that line, the brand I’m referring to in this instance is Travis Scott.

The Houston rapper has spent the past couple years turning everything he touches into gold, including numerous Nike/Jordan Brand sneaker collaborations, a first-in-30-years McDonald’s celebrity endorsement and a huge virtual concert in the video game Fortnite.

Now La Flame appears to have something cooking with Sony ahead of the launch of the latest iteration of the PlayStation gaming console, the PS5.

Trav dropped the (suitably dramatic) teaser video below on his social channels this afternoon, and while it doesn’t give much away, there’s a sneaky Easter egg for those with eagle eyes.

La Flame and another person featured in the video, ostensibly part of the PS5 development team, can be seen rocking PlayStation-themed Nike Dunk Lows with the trademark Travis Scott reverse lateral Swooshes.

Will we see these hit the market, or are they one-offs? Time will tell.

There’s nothing on the official Sony channels yet, but we already knew Scott had his hands on the yet-to-be-released console last month thanks to this sufficiently humble-braggy IG post.

And a semi-related fun fact: Monday marks the 20th anniversary of the PS2. Don’t let this overshadow that iconic console’s day in the sun.