Community Voices

Community Voices: Jalen Rose comes through to talk about the importance of voting


As a part of our commitment and responsibilities as an ally, we intend to highlight and amplify black voices within our community. Each week we will be introducing you to a new guest who will be diving into important topics about the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

This week, we connect with ESPN analyst and former NBA player Jalen Rose to discuss the importance of voting and the work he’s doing with his foundation, the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy. We discuss:

  • Jalen’s transition from NBA player to ESPN analyst;
  • How he leverages his platform to bring awareness to issues affecting the Black and Brown communities;
  • The importance of voting, especially in this election year;
  • His passion for education and serving the community;
  • How the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy come to fruition;
  • The work he and the school have done to impact the lives of children in Detroit;
  • Finish Line donates $20,000 to the Leadership Academy.

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