Throwin’ it back with ’90s Nostalgia on TV


September seems like just another month to transition in fall and winter sports, but back in the ’90s it was a busy month when it came to TV time. Before the DVRs, before all the streaming platforms, catching your favorite shows on TV was a lot more exciting because FOMO was real back then.

Key Dates
9/10/90: Fresh Prince Premiere on NBC
9/15/90: Captain Planet and the Planeteers Premiere on TBS
9/22/87: Full House Premiere on ABC

the fresh prince of bel-air

As good as it gets when it comes to TV sitcoms. Fresh Prince was a show that could appeal to anyone and everyone. Will Smith and his one-in-a-million charisma paired with the latest in fashion, sneakers, and sports made this show a legendary pop culture hit. Was any other show more on point than this? Peep the link below for the coolest cameos and sneaker styles.

captain planet and the planeteers

The ’90s were where cartoons thrived. Who else remembers waking up early to catch their favorite shows before heading to the bus stop? What about running home from the bus stop after school so you didn’t miss any new shows? Pair that moment with some delightful snacks, and you’re living your best life.

A show that stood out from the morning mayhem of school days was Captain Planet. Captain Planet is created by five elements of the Magic Rings: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart held by the Planeteers. Captain Planet was different from a lot of the shows that debuted in the ’90s (Doug, Rugrats, Bobby’s World, Ren & Stimpy, X-Men: The Animated Series to name a few).

This cartoon was a form of education and advocates environmentalism. The goal was to educate and empower the modern audience on subjects such as global warming, solar energy, importance of clean water, smog, as well as heavier topics such as the HIV/AIDS pandemic and drug overdose.

full house

A family favorite. Who else got sucked into the Full House plot back in the day? It was like a modern spin on the Brady Bunch with more sass, adorable tots, and phenomenal hair thanks to John Stamos’ character, Uncle Jesse. It taught us about family values, friendships, relationships, overcoming hardships, and how to deal with our own dysfunctional families.

A few of our favorite Full House gifs:

Times have changed and streaming platforms have taken over, but there’s something about reminiscing on these ’90s favorites that feels so homey. The good ol’ days as some like to say. Still wanna soak in nostalgia? Check out My ’90s TV, a nostalgic TV simulator to relieve original ads, movie trailers, shows, and more.