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Community Voices: Lala Anthony Dropping Knowledge About the Struggles of Inner City Youth


As a part of our commitment and responsibilities as an ally, we intend to highlight and amplify black voices within our community. Each week, we’ll be introducing you to a new guest who will be diving into important topics about the #BlackLivesMatter movement. We hope that you will find this series educational and empowering. This week we linked with actress, producer, best-selling author and fashion-and-cosmetics mogul, Lala Anthony, to discuss the challenges facing inner city youth and how her foundation, the La La Land Foundation, is playing a part in building the confidence in this community.  Topics include:

-Why is building the confidence of inner city youth such an important matter to you?

-Can you educate us on some of the challenges facing inner city youth today? 

-Why do you think those challenges exist and how are they affecting the inner city youth as they grow older?

-What are some steps we can all take to support these communities?

-And more…

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Thank you for joining us today. Make sure you keep an eye out for our second installment of Community Voices.