Finish Line

A-LIST STATUS Member Exclusive Opportunity


A-List STATUS members we’ve got a special treat for you. We’re collaborating with Sophia Dawg Art and Garrixon Studio to give you an opportunity to win a pair of customized kicks. Eligible members will be notified by email and app notification on Thursday, August 13 at 11am EST. Once you receive that email/notification make sure you head into the rewards catalog to redeem the opportunity for the artist you choose. Eight winners will be randomly selected from the pool of A-List STATUS members that redeem the offer. Each artist package has exclusive shoe options… so choose wisely.

-Nike Air Force One

-Nike Air Max 97

– Converse Chuck Taylor

-Nike Air Force One

-adidas Originals Superstar

-Crocs Classic Clogs

Owning a pair of custom kicks is the ultimate flex. Hit the next page for the official rules and don’t miss out on this insane opportunity.