#ShoesSoFresh: Road Trippin’ w/ Caleb McLaughlin, Amber Liu and Lil Baby


Chapter Three

Good things come in threes. The latest installment of our epic saga has arrived. Last chapter, Lil Baby gave Caleb McLaughlin and Amber Liu a glimpse of the future. Now he’s giving them the keys. With the bag secured, the duo hits the road with some major heat in tow. Where are they going? You’ll have to check back for the final installment of this tale.

Get #AiredUp. You can catch chapter three of our story starting 3/12 on TNT and throughout the rest of the month. As always keep it locked and follow @finishline and @finishlinewomen on Instagram for more things #ShoesSoFresh.

Chapter Two

The next chapter of our #ShoesSoFresh saga is here. Our boy Lil Baby, is setting up shop in the Fresh Air Station. Checking displays making sure everything is in order. He’s joined in the station by Caleb McLaughlin and Amber Liu. Amazed and confused by what they’re seeing, Caleb asks Baby where it all leads… “the future,” says Baby. Baby then slides them a shoebox. What’s inside the box? Take a look at the 0:05 mark of the video for a sneak peak.

Chapter One

Out with the old, in with the new. We’re back at it with another round of #ShoeSoFresh. This time around, we’re hitting the road with Caleb McLaughlin and Amber Liu. The pair is in search of the nearest Finish Line so they pull up and get F3RSH. The duo arrives at the mapped location but it appears to be an abandoned Fresh Air Station not a Finish Line. In the passenger’s rear view we can see our boy Lil Baby. What’s he got up his sleeve? We suggest you keep it locked and check out chapter two of this saga.