#ShoesSoFresh: Caleb McLaughlin, Kyle Kuzma, Lil Baby, Vanessa Morgan, Deajah Stevens & Migos are Set to Go Big


You know what time it is. We’re back and bringing you the latest edition of #ShoesSoFresh. Imagination is nothing without action, this iteration of #ShoesSoFresh is all about executing your wildest dreams. Showcasing the all-new Nike Air Max 270 React, it’s for those that are bold enough to dare to imagine.

As always we’re bringing the stars to our #ShoesSoFresh Bodega. But this time around our stars need to find their entry point to the Bodega, a portal. Not just anyone can anyone can find a portal. You’ve gotta be in the know. The spot starts with two of television’s biggest starts, Caleb McLaughlin and Vanessa Morgan. The Stranger Things and Riverdale cast members depart from one another in search of their portals. As Caleb sifts through the city for his, we see that Lil Baby finds his portal in a phone booth. After making his way past a lifeless group in an alley (they aren’t in the know), Caleb finds exactly what he’s looking for when he happens upon his portal, a beverage cooler. Once he enters the portal that’s when the party starts. Joined by Deajah Stevens, Kyle Kuzma, Takeoff and Offset the squad helps get Caleb right by hooking him up with a pair of the Nike Air Max 270 React.


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If you think you’re in the know and are ready to swag out like our stars here’s your chance. We’re giving our Winner’s Circle members a special opportunity to secure your pair of the Air Max 270 React before anyone else. That’s right, for 72-hours (6/26-6/29), Winner’s Circle members can grab the Air Max 270 React in men’s and women’s sizes exclusively on our Finish Line app. This window is available ONLY to our Winner’s Circle members through our app. So if you’re not a member, make sure you sign up so you don’t miss your chance to cop the Air Max 270 React before it hits the market.

#ShoesSoFresh Nike Air Max 270 React

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