A Look Back at Some of Jay Z’s Sneaker Lyrical References


Written by Robbie Falchi of Sneaker History 

Few, if any, rappers enjoy long and fruitful careers like Jay-Z. He’s transcended music to a point where we think of Jay and his various monikers (Hova, H.O.V., Jigga, S-dot, Lucky Lefty, etc.) as more of an entity than a MC or business man (never forget, “he’s not a businessman he’s a business, man”). His rhymes are legendary, his businesses are boomin’ and his kick game is perpetually clean; but above all, Jay’s celebrating his 49th birthday today. Since the Brooklyn native’s breakthrough commercial success with 1996’s Reasonable Doubt Jay-Z AKA Shawn Carter has been at the forefront of everything Hip-hop from music to fashion. Lets celebrate Jay’s birthday with a fun lesson in ‘Hova-ology’ and use some of his raps to learn more about him and, our favorite topic, dope shoes!

Via Complex