Not Just For The Gym: @taylordeethomas Represents Her Individuality with Puma


Written by Taylor Thomas

Photos by @darrion_g

Style is everything. From the clothes you wear, to the shoes on your feet, and even the haircut you rock; your style is everything. Growing up in New York style was your identity. And now living in Los Angeles my style is my ticket. I am a professional dancer currently trying to fulfill my childhood dreams of becoming one of the chosen few to make it in the dance industry. My only ticket is my individuality; my style.

Pursuing your dreams is always hard to do. There are a lot of no’s you will hear before your big break. And the only way to survive those hard times is to believe in yourself. To believe in yourself you have to know who you are.I know who i am. And my style is definitely shows that. I shaved the side of my head about three years ago, and it was the best decision I ever made. It represents who I am. It boosted my confidence to show the world who I was. That is the reason why my career saw a positive impact.

Since then I’ve worked for major artists like Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, just to name a few. And I just got off the Pepsi Halftime Super Bowl 52 stage with Justin Timberlake. Dreams coming true! None of those amazing opportunities could have happened without confidence in myself. The best way to present that confidence is in my appearance; my style.

If I can take an outfit and put my personal twist on it, then I’m happy! Like the Fenty University Slide Sandals are such a comfy shoe. Something most would wear around to lounge or run errands. However, because the color is so bold I love to wear it as a piece, my pop of color for a day when I’m feeling courageous.

As a dancer we need clothing items that are versatile. The Puma En Pointe Bodysuit is something that I find a new way to where everyday. When I’m feeling a little sexy and want to show that in my style, I can wear the bodysuit with cute bottoms and show off all my curves. But then i can take off those bottoms and go use the bodysuit as attire for a workout. For me a typical workout is Dance. I can wear the bodysuit in certain dance classes like ballet or contemporary training. I also love to find ways to workout outside of Dance. And living in LA you can never go wrong with a good swim. The En Pointe Bodysuit is the cutest bathing suit!

Puma is one of my favorite brands because of their integrity to fashion and functionality. Their shoes are cute but comfortable. I’m never afraid to take them from the stage to the street. And with the lifestyle I live, taking an outfit from a rehearsal or a performance to a night out or a cute date, is exactly what I need. An easy way to show the world who I am. Whether it be a casting director giving me a Dance job or a stranger passing me on the street, I want to represent myself in the best way always. Represent my style!


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