Finish Line Community Service

Youth Foundation Kicks off Spring Campaign Celebrating 20 Years of Giving Back


In 1998, the Finish Line Youth Foundation was created as the philanthropic arm of Finish Line. In 2018, we proudly celebrate our 20th anniversary of supporting life’s biggest possibilities.

Throughout March, Finish Line stores will host the spring campaign to collect donations to continue giving back. Stop by your local store or donate online.

Over the past 20 years, the Foundation impacted 1.6 million youth, donated $19 million nationwide and partnered with 1,030 nonprofit organizations. Our history represents our dedication to impact communities where our customers and employees live, work and play for years to come. Read below for several stories from employees about their favorite moments throughout the years.

“I would have to say the most thrilling moments for me would be each time the customer GIVES! It means so much to me personally as the store manager. When customers give back to the Foundation, it gives our store, District Manager Justin Marino and I pride that our community is making a difference in someone’s life. Our consumer gives because they want to and how well our team executes the check out process. Myself and the entire District 16 family truly love the Foundation and our results back it up!”

– Sparky Hopkins, Volusia Mall store manager (second from right)

“When you hear the word blind it can be a very scary word. But not for these kids that participated in the Junior Blind Olympics in Los Angeles. That was a day of pride and joy. To see children from all ages being blind, having the mental toughness, the will to win and not to let anything stand in their way was an amazing experience. From kayaking to fencing, to racing, to zumba, it was a humbling experience. We also had the wonderful experience of meeting the different volunteers with the biggest hearts and giving back was incredible!”

– Deshaun Jamerson, Moreno Valley store manager (pictured on right)

“One of my favorite memories with District 12 was at a bocce ball event. The athlete that stood out and inspired me the most that day was blind. This athlete, just like the others, was not allowed to be coached as he stepped up to the line. Instead, he had to listen. A coach was allowed to stand where the ball was and ring a bell. The athlete then had to listen and gauge how far the bell (ball) was and he would then throw his ball and try to get as close to the ball already on the field. This athlete was not visually impaired, he was blind. To see an athlete who could not see, participate in an event that most would consider to be a seeing sport, wowed me. His focus was consistently on what he could do, not what he couldn’t. Every event that I have ever participated in to help others, has resulted in athletes helping and inspiring me. Witnessing the strength of these athletes reminds me to stay focused, to rise up and to overcome!”

– Sheila Helmintoller, District 12 Sales Manager

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