Not Just For The Gym: @sarahlgorden Talks Tomboy Style with Nike and Air Jordan


written by Sarah Gorden

Growing up, I was as athletic as the boys. In fact, I remember playing street hockey on rollerblades with all the boys in my neighborhood. For basketball and soccer games, I would wear an NBA headband across my forehead with a tight, low ponytail hanging behind it. I was everything tomboy.

But as I got older and my body changed, I put the tomboy clothes away and wanted to be “pretty” like all the other girls. In my 20’s I found my true sense of style. I like to call it “sexy-tomboy,” because I bring a little bit of raciness to my boyish swag.

I’m a professional soccer player, so I live a very active lifestyle. Style is my expression and connection between who I am and what I do. Sneakers are a huge part of my lifestyle and lucky for me, they’re also part of my daily work attire.

I’ve lived in and around Chicago my entire life. I was raised watching Michael Jordan take over the world and bring championships and greatness back to our city. We have such a rich history of sports here. Which is why it’s so special to me to have been drafted by the Chicago Red Stars out of college and play for my own city! It is also why Jumpman is a huge part of my personal style. I love to bring it to soccer culture because the soccer scene is widely filled with the same ethnicities, styles and brands. I stand out in who I am, how I look and my sense of style. And I love to stand out!

There is nothing that brings me more confidence than knowing exactly who I am and loving every bit of it. Oh, and also a fresh pair of sneakers paired with a graphic tee. The Jordan 1’s are my all-time favorite silhouette, but I love the vibes of the Air Jordan Retro 13’s. The wheat colorway gives them such a cool, street style feel. When in doubt, a graphic T is always the answer. As for the hat, training all the time can make for some bad hair days.

I am currently in my offseason for soccer. During this time, I love to find new movements and types of training to push my body to the limit. This is why I have fallen in love with the Nike VaporMax. They meet both my style and training needs.

I can wear these sneakers throughout any workout adventure I embark on and expect to get the most out of my body. All-white is my favorite colorway to train in, a superstition of some sorts. And, it makes all the difference in my training to know I look good. Because… look good, feel good, play good!

To me, sneakers represent style, confidence and expression of self. They represent where I come from and where I want to go. And through the ups and the downs, wherever this life takes me, I’ll always be just a goofy girl from the Chi with a pair of sneakers on my feet.

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