Not Just For The Gym: @auriellesayeh Gives Life In Nike Air Max Styles


Written by: Aurielle Sayeh

​I have always been into sneakers. Being raised by my dad in my teenage years, with my two younger brothers in a soccer playing and loving home. In middle school I often wore the same outfits I’d workout in to school and add a hoodie on top. I was picked on a lot during those years by girls who were more feminine than me, and I went to live with my mother my senior year and she helped me find my girly side. That year, I was nominated for Prom Queen and got to see the perks of being a girly tomboy. Since then I’ve been walking a thin line between the two but forever team cozy.

Lately, I’ve been into mixing my love for tees and hoodies with fitted, more tailored pants that show off my waist. When you love wearing oversized clothing you have to accentuate one area of your body. This was a tip from a stylist friend of mine, Rana. I go to a lot of meetings on the daily, with brands, clients and friends so I simply can’t show up wearing sweatpants and oversized hoodies. I don’t wear or even own more than two pairs of heels so I always mix sneakers into my outfit. I’m traveling all the time so I love a nice tailored jean paired with a crew sweatshirt or hoodie and my favorite kicks.
For me, I am very picky about my sneakers. I have a separate collection for sportswear needs, ones I get excited to wear day to day for fashion, and a hybrid of both. I find the Air max model very comfortable. I love the 95/97 models because they feel like they give me a little height and I’m like a lazy boy when I search for my day to day sneaker. It needs to be comfortable and I like to set my laces so I can slide them on and off. This shoe gives you breathing space. I love sneakers because they are a way for you to express yourself and how you are feeling that day as well as for comfort. Life is too short and hectic to be uncomfortable. In my favorite sneakers I feel like I’m walking on air. That’s the way it should be when you are choosing the foundation of your frame.
When I’m traveling and have to choose minimal pairs of shoes to take with me, I normally don’t compromise. I choose my favorite 6-8 pairs, clean them, and pack them in plastic. I normally choose one pair for everyday errand and gym usage, and the rest are my flex pairs. I normally choose my outfit around my shoes unlike other people, or I get into the habit of wearing the same shoe everyday for a week or two. I am loving camo print and printed tees a lot lately. It’s become a uniform for me. I love the Air Max 95 Black Reflective model because I can wear it with a day look or a night look (add red lipstick.) The Air Max 97 in Silver is just so iconic to me for some reason, and it goes with tracksuits really well. I like to call that my roadman look inspired by the boys in London.
Sometimes I feel like I’m too cozy but I always try to switch it up with my moods and remember what’s inside of my brain and heart matters most. There’s nothing like smelling the inside of a new pair of shoes (or pages of a new book), but sneakers are a hobby and art to me! Choosing a pair is like writing a map out about yourself and who you were during that time of your life. It’s such a tailored, intimate decision. As a sneaker aficionado myself, I like to not get too caught up in the hype of drops and always choose my pairs by feelings. When you know, you know.
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