Drew Hammell

Throwback Thursday: The Greatest NBA Jerseys of All Time


By Drew Hammell

Illustrations by Christopher Mineses

With the start of the NBA regular season right around the corner, we asked five of the biggest basketball junkies what their favorite jerseys of all time were. Here’s what they had to say:

Stéphane Ashpool (Fashion Designer): “Nick Van Exel – all the time he was in LA. I loved his play – left handed, point guard. And he loved dogs – especially pit bulls. I even called my dog Exel when I was young – it was an American Staffordshire.”

Theophilus London (Singer/Rapper): “Spurs – Duncan or Robinson (Champion), and Clippers – Darius Miles. Went to every party summer of ’02-’05. Danced with all the girls! Battled all the guys! Can’t out supreme.”

Steve Nash (2-time NBA MVP): “Old Sonics jerseys! I grew up a Sonics fan.”

David Creech (Jordan Brand VP of Design): “I love the Bulls script jersey that MJ wore in the ’85 dunk contest. The Chicago typography with his gold chain was so iconic.”

Brennan Hiro Williams (Editor, Social Media @solecollector & @complex): “Checkerboard Kings jersey – Mitch Richmond’s. Been a Kings fan my whole life. It was the first time they brought something out of left field. The randomness of it makes it so memorable for me.”

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