Brittany Sky Steps Into The #WeAreMore Spotlight


Written by Maria Mora

Brittany Sky WeAreMore Interview

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What is life if you’re not investing time into the things that you love? Brittany Sky is well versed in living the life she’s always wanted. The Queens-born tastemaker has taken every opportunity presented to her and turned it into gold. From her days working alongside Hot97’s Programming Director to starring as Kendrick Lamar’s leading lady in ‘Poetic Justice,’ Brittany has transitioned into being front and center with grace. The 28-year-old soon added djing under her belt and saw it was a craft that didn’t only fulfill her, but gave her the chance to connect with all walks of life around the world.

Being that New York has such a negative reputation amongst the social crowd, Brittany’s genuine aura took me off guard. I remember first meeting Brittany while she was preparing for the FentyxPuma gig earlier this year. Her down-to-earth persona was refreshing to be around. It was almost as if I was speaking to a good friend I hadn’t seen in awhile and from that moment, it  was evident as to why many look up to her. We had the opportunity to chop it up with the woman curating some of your favorite parties and vibes, proving why she perfectly exhibits the #WeAreMore mentality.

In what ways has music made you a better person?  

It’s helped me through certain situations and it’s brought me closer to different types of people because we all relate to the same thing. I feel like there’s a song for everything anyone is going through and it’s taking me around the world. It’s really a universal thing; people that don’t speak english know the lyrics to certain songs and that’s cool to see.

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What are some of the misconceptions you’ve received with your career title?  

Some of the misconceptions that I’ve received with my career title has been like ‘oh you’re a female, you know everybody, you’re gonna get on easily..’ but truthfully it hasn’t been easy. I felt sort of insulted by that because I did put in the groundwork early and I did pay my dues and I really do love music. I was learning and everyone deserves a chance to figure it out, so I feel like people shouldn’t be so hard on people who are trying to enter or find a new career path, plus if they’re passionate about it. Women can be passionate about music just as men can. I feel like i’ve overcome those misconceptions and I’ve stayed consistent with it. With my consistency, I’ve gotten respect out of it.

You’ve managed to generate such a huge following due to your talent and charisma. Do you feel any pressure to live up to the standard that you’ve set?

I didn’t realize it until a couple of months ago, everything that I wanted to do, I’m conquered and now I have to set new goals. It feels like it’s never enough. You make it to one point, you peak at one point, you end up wanting more for yourself. Now, there’s so many internet sensations and it’s so much easier to get recognition on the internet, especially if you’re younger because that’s your outlet. It’s easier to do certain things to get your follower count to grow, but I feel like I’m really confident in my relationships and I feel like I don’t really have to change who I am to be accepted. I don’t have to post certain things.. Anything I put up is because I genuinely want to.

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In what ways do you hope to inspire your audience?

Letting people know that you can be true to yourself and you don’t have to do things or put yourself out there in ways you don’t want to. If people tell you ‘you should post this way’ or ‘you should do this,’ at the end of the day, it’s your social platform; it’s completely up to you. Staying true to yourself or feeling forced to portray a certain image, especially if you’re a female. There’s so many young kids out there who praise people for what they have and they don’t know what that person had to do to get it; that’s my biggest thing because I’m never that person. The bigger you grow and the more you expand your brand, you start to see people who have this and that, but you don’t know what they’re doing to get it and you don’t know what their real life is like. There’s a certain freedom that you have… you get to curate your life the way you want.

What’s currently in your sneaker rotation?

Right now, I’m wearing the adidas Metallic Superstars. I feel like they could really dress up an outfit. The adidas Tennis Hu sneaker by Pharrell. Perfect shoe for the summer and they’re so comfortable. I wear Vans all the time. I also love the Jordan All Star 1s. For working out, I usually wear adidas Ultra Boost sneakers.

What does #WeAreMore mean to you?

#WeAreMore than just females. We are individuals who can help carry the future of female entrepreneurs by showing them #SkyIsTheLimit.

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What mark do you want to leave when it comes to style and your music?

I want people to know there’s no right or wrong when it comes to your sense of music and style . Just go based off of how you feel. Feelings are real and there’s more than enough music out there to get you through whatever it is you may be going through. Today’s current mood is centered around funk music and fun daring threads. Just do what feels right to you, ya know ?

From your perspective, how will the female role in the DJing industry shape the future?

I feel like we give a different perspective. I feel like it’s a lot easier for us to bring females to a party or events because we relate to each other. Also, I have a lot of girls tell me ‘I want to be a DJ because I see you.’ This new generation of female DJs are breaking boundaries and I think men have accepted it. At first, it was like they’re taking money and gigs from us but now they’re into it. I feel like it’s inspiring younger girls to get into not just djing but being a producer. This is something that you can do, it’s not just for men. We can all have the same skill set if we wanted.

Throughout all of her DJing adventures, travelling the world, and working with major brands, Brittany’s most important possessions are her relationships. Her passion, charisma, and overall edgy style make her stand out against the rest. We’re sure there’s a lot more to come for Ms. Sky. Make sure to follow her adventures on Instagram and check out her curated self-titled platform,