Ladies Killin’ The Sneaker Game


In the world of sneaker style, the possibilities are endless. Sporty, edgy, chic or high fashion, there’s opportunity for your true self to always shine through. Confidence is what is most important when rocking athleisure or sport-luxe looks and the women listed below know how to take things to another level when lacing up their kicks or wearing the latest on their back. From influencers and lifestyle bloggers to image consultants and creative leads, here are our top picks of ladies killin’ the sneaker game.

10. Diana Mireles

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Title: Lifestyle Blogger & Production/Social at Reckless Girls

Instagram: @dianakmir 

Diana has had an obsession for collecting sneakers since the early 2000s. Having her Minor in Journalism and a Major in Apparel Design/Production, her title as a Lifestyle Blogger and Production/Social Specialist at Reckless Girls gives her knowledge and passion towards sneaker style. From working with many brands as an influencer to inspiring women to get active and start their own fitness journey, Diana is a wonderful representation of sneaker culture. 

9. Evelynn Escobar-Thomas

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Title: Social Media Specialist & Lifestyle Blogger

Instagram: @evemeetswest 

Eve is originally from Northern VA and now lives in Los Angeles, CA. She has managed many brands of fashion and beauty, but inspired by LA, she created another outlet with her blog EveMeetsWest. Spending most of her time branding other brands, she created EveMeetsWest so she can talk about the many things she is passionate about, including: sneakers, streetwear culture and travel. Always comfy and sporting the latest kicks, her personal style and knowledge when it comes to sneaker style is getting the job done in our book. 

8. Michelle Carigma

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Title: Fitness & Style Blogger 

Instagram: @_modernfit

Michelle has paved her own path in the blogging community by balancing her passion for fitness and love for style. She is not only a blogger and influencer but a young professional in the corporate world. Michelle’s collaborations with Nice Kicks, Finish Line, Complex and other publications have shown her authenticity when it comes to sneaker style and she definitely knows how to put together some dope looks by just taking a peek at her Instagram feed.  

7. Anna Bediones

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Title: Creative production & direction | digital strategy events

Instagram: @atothebed

Anna has been about sneakers since she was a kid. As an avid basketball player since her youth, Anna looked to Sporty Spice, Aaliyah, TLC, Destiny’s Child and Fresh Prince for her style inspiration. Her love for sports and sneakers has given her opportunities to work for publications such as Complex and she continues to be a digital creator working and collaborating with different companies like Nike and Finish Line. Sneakers are a huge part of who Anna is and she continues to evolve with the culture by pushing the boundaries and being as creative as possible when it comes to style. 

6. Merys Berrada

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Title: Content Creator 

Instagram: @merystach

As a lifestyle blogger from Paris, Merys loves to share stories around sneakers and her travels. Her Instagram handle is an album of her lifestyle, and how she incorporates all the latest trends is done quite beautifully. Whether it’s a picture of her city or a head-to-toe look in Air Max or BOOST kicks, this girl has an eye for sneaker style.

5. Tinashe

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Title: Singer-songwriter

Instagram: @tinashenow

From her hit single FLAME to her sneaker style on social media, Tinashe is the whole package when it comes to the entertainment world. Recently interviewed on ‘Sneaker Shopping’, the singer-songwriter talks about sneaker style and what silhouettes she’s into the most. This girl definitely has a flare for fashion and she is never afraid to match it up with the right kicks. 

4. Kylie Jenner

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Title: Television Personality 

Instagram: @kyliejenner

As much as Kylie is in front of  cameras and walking down red carpets, athleisure is one of our favorite looks on her. Collaborating with brands like PUMA, Kylie has definitely caught fire in the world of sneaker style. From oversized sweatshirts to valor sweatpants, this girl rocks sport-luxe so well, we can’t help but find inspiration from the King herself. 

3. Adrianne Ho

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Title: Model & Founder of Sweat The Style

Instagram: @adrianneho

As the modern streetwear muse, Adrianne has collaborated with brands like Nike, Stussy, Levi’s and others for her fresh look. Sweat The Style is her active lifestyle brand and she also launched her first active streetwear collection in 2015 called Sweat Crew. With her background in designing, TV and being an entrepreneur, it’s no wonder Adrianne is always sporting the latest and greatest when it comes to sneakers and streetwear.  

2. Emily Oberg

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Title: Creative Lead for KITH Women

Instagram: @emilyelaineoberg

From minimal designs to the kicks in her closet, Emily Oberg is all about sneaker style. With her extensive background in the industry, working for Complex and now the creative lead for KITH Women, Emily has spread her wings in the world of sneaker culture and continues to stay creative and inspirational through her work.

1. Aleali May

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Title: Image Consultant, Fashion Blogger, Model

Instagram: @alealimay

This young, talented stylist and fashion blogger has worked with artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa. Aleali wears items that make her the most confident, or her confidence makes the fashion statement. She finds inspiration from all of her surroundings and loves 90’s style like oversized jackets and mixing and matching minimal details. When is comes to fashion, Aleali knows sneakers are where it’s at. 

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