adidas AlphaBOUNCE: Neither Boost, Nor Primeknit, But Continued Innovation


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 9.34.36 AM It was over a year and a half ago when adidas dropped the Ultra Boost. You know, the shoe that the brand claimed was the best running sneaker of all time, and that somehow lived up to the hype. The new phase of adidas’ releases may have begun before the Ultra Boost landed on shelves, but there is no question that the model caught more attention than anything adidas had put out in years.

From there, shoes to drop since, like the Pure Boost X and NMD, have built off of the success of the Ultra Boost with Primeknit and Boost construction. All of this puts an even brighter spotlight on the next offering from the brand with the three stripes – the adidas AlphaBounce. After following the formula set out by the Ultra Boost, adidas Running has changed directions on this one. There’s neither the cozy Primeknit on the upper, nor the unique Boost cushioning which are cornerstones that adidas fans have praised since they first slipped their feet into Ultra Boosts.

Even still, the AlphaBounce is a shoe you’ll definitely want to take note of. With a silhouette that will let you excel on your runs and stay fresh in the streets, the AlphaBounce is a welcomed next step by adidas to shape the future. And at nearly half the price of the Ultra Boost? Yes, you won’t even have to burn a large hole in your wallet to grab a pair of AlphaBounce joints.

If you’ve been heavy into adidas, you may recognize Bounce. That’s because the responsive, elastic foam first made an appearance ten years ago in 2006. But this isn’t your mid-2000s Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard Bounce, clunky and fully visible. This go-around, adidas packed the cushioning into a modern grooved midsole – like Boost for the Yeezy line. Now with the ultra-sleek look, trendsetters like Nick Young and 2 Chainz are taking the AlphaBounce out for a spin. And “Swaggy P” is usually onto something with the shoes he rocks.


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Then, there’s the FORGEDMESH upper, a first of its kind, but with the same blueprint as Ultra Boost. Made with motion capture technology, the specially crafted upper supports the foot just as well as Primeknit, but with only one layer of material. And the design possibilities? Endless. The ZX Flux had a similar layout, and adidas aggressively pushed the limits of that shoe’s one-piece upper.

Put all of this together, and the AlphaBounce could be a force in adidas’ future. Conceptually, it follows in the path of adidas’ biggest recent hits, with an unparalleled ride and a limitless canvas. It brings the same innovation of past adidas runners and a streamlined look, all at a very attractive price. And with celebrity co-signs already flowing, it’s looking like the next hot model from the brand with three stripes. Who needs the Primeknit and Boost when you have a surefire thing and innovative next step like the AlphaBounce?


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